02 July 2017

LuLaRoe Leggings vs. Agnes & Dora Leggings: One Girl's Opinion

I don't usually, actually ever, talk about fashion on my blog, so my regular readers are probably going to be surprised to learn that I'm seriously addicted to LuLaRoe clothing. It's - no exaggeration - pretty much all I wear.

I love LLR for all the same reasons all the other stay-at-home moms love it: It's soft, comfortable, generously cut. I can bend and move and sit on the floor without embarrassing myself. I feel pretty when I wear it. My weight can fluctuate and I don't have to keep buying new sized clothing. Leggings with tunics (Irmas) and maxis with t-shirts are so comfortable, I feel like I'm in sweatpants, except I'm way prettier. And when you look and feel pretty, people are way nicer to you when you're hauling three children around in public.

I even have some leggings and dresses for the girls, and they are hands-down, their favorite clothes. "Mama, where's my purple pants?" Eleanor whines when they're in the wash.

A few months ago, Matt's cousin started posting some pictures of herself is some wicked cute clothing, but it wasn't quite LLR. Before I got around to asking her where she was shopping, she announced that she was going into business as a consultant for Agnes & Dora. I'd never heard of the company before, but a quick Google search revealed them to be an LLR competitor. Immediately intrigued, I entered her leggings contest and won!

I've washed and worn my starry A&D leggings multiple times now, and I do have to say, I am equally addicted! Each company's leggings have their own pros and cons that, in my opinion, put them in a tie for my favorite pants.

Softness: A&D! By a skosh

Both company's leggings are super, incredibly soft. When I piled a bunch of LLR with my A&D leggings, closed my eyes, and dug my hands through them, I had a very hard time determining which was the softest. They were all so buttery, as they like to say! But when I forced myself to make a decision, I opened my eyes and was holding my A&Ds. Conclusion: A&D leggings are a skosh bit softer, but it's not enough to alter my decision. As Matt would say, it's an inconsequential amount.

Prints: LLR!
Both companies have a myriad of different prints, ranging from loud and bright to soft and feminine. You can get flowers, animals, geometric prints, logical, illogical, and solids from A&D and LLR. But LLR offers specialized seasonal and holiday prints, and even have a multi-year licensing deal with Disney right now. If I was looking for "pretty leggings" or "pink leggings," I'd look at both companies, but if I needed black cat leggings, I'd go to my LLR consultant first.

Wash: Tie!
My American LLR leggings (center, above) and my A&D leggings arrived within two weeks of each other and both have held up equally well being machine washed and line dried.

Waistband: Tie!
Each company handles its waistbands a bit differently. Theoretically, I like LLR better, but in actual wear, I didn't notice a difference. I certainly wouldn't base my purchase off the waistband.

Price: A&D!
A&D leggings sell for $22. LLR sell for $25. $3 is not a deal breaker, especially with the exclusivity of the prints, but if all things were equal, I would pick A&D.

Sizes: Not enough data
I want to talk about it, although I don't have enough data to offer any real opinion. LLR has two sizes of leggings: One Size (OS) and Tall & Curvy (TC). OS leggings are recommended for sizes 2-12 and TC are 12-22. Some of my OS leggings fit me great. Some of them fit me tight. I have one pair that is cut a bit differently and the waistband rolls down when I bend over to pick up a kid. It is really frustrating for a buyer to have such inconsistencies in sizing. BUT, on the other hand, I love how flexible the sizing is. I'm at a point in life (the childbearing years point) where I gain and lose large amounts of weight often and I'm sooo very tired of having a stack of totes in the basement filled with different sized jeans.

As a reference point, A&D sizes are as follows: XS is 0-2; S/M is for sizes 4-12; L is 14-16; XL is 18-20.

Since I only have 1 pair of A&D leggings, I can't speak very well to their sizing. I can say that my S/M A&D leggings are bigger than my most generously cut OS LLR leggings, but not enough that I really notice.

In Conclusion...

I'd say the two companies are tied. I would base my decision to buy something on the pattern. Whoever has the print I like the most wins my money!

For LuLaRoe, I recommend my friend and Abigail's therapist from Chicago: Rachel Hodges
For Agnes & Dora, I recommend Matt's cousin, Amanda Solt
Both girls are friendly and helpful, have great product in stock, and they are not paying me to mention them!

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