27 July 2017

A Work in Progress

I am really struggling to find a good work/play balance this summer. Really I'm struggling to get enough work into my play. It's really difficult when you are the sole source of your daily structure.

A recent pic of me! I'm wearing, you guessed it, Lularoe! (a Randy with Maxi)
The kids don't care if I get up on time or make "real" food. Small children tend toward watching tv all day, leaving toys out, eating cereal for dinner, and vegging on the couch watching cat clips on Instagram. They don't remember that it's Thursday and I skipped the library's story time. They just want to watch Sofia at 7:03 in the morning. I'm liable to let them (okay, not at 7am, more like Abigail can at 1pm when her siblings are sleeping), because then I can crochet all day, leave crap out, and veg on the couch in peace.

I'd like to say, "I don't necessarily have to do everything perfect every day, I will just focus on one thing at a time." But when it rains, it pours, ya know? Somehow morning Rosary and dish-doing leads to leaving the tv off and playing outside, giving everyone a bath, getting the scheduled dinner made, and the next thing you know, I'm brushing my teeth twice a day! This summer, I tend to have a few good days followed by a week of laziness.

Cat assisting me in my meal plan over-haul during a good day.

"No, Abigail, you can't watch tv for a third hour, let's make homemade granola together cause I'm a good mom!"

I think what really frustrates me is that I'm not even bonding with the kids in my laziness. I'm all "Here, listen to the Frozen soundtrack or watch a movie while I indulge in my own hobbies in peace and quiet." If we're going to be lazy all summer, it should be while watching a movie together with popcorn or reading books during a rainy morning without Mommy being on her phone. If I don't get dinner made, I want it to be because we took a spontaneous trip to the library, not because I let Curious George go on repeat while I finished one more row.

I only have pics from my productive few days, obviously. Here is a planned, morning trip to the library.

Thankfully for me, I'm an eternal optimist with a planner and a love of goal-setting. Every day for me is a new opportunity to be and do better.

"I don't know why Mommy wants to veg without me, I promise I'm always this happy and adorable." 
The thing is, when I follow a schedule, the kids do so much better. Abigail is better behaved, they all three let me have chore time, they all three let me have computer time. They know a time is coming (or they've already had) when they will get my attention, when we'll play a fun game or paint or play with bubbles. So today is my new day, and it's already off to a good start. No matter how many crappy days I have in a row, the worst thing I can do is give in to another crappy day. The best thing is to change something, even if it's just one little thing.

Progress seems slow, but then you're taking your first solo ride, and the work seems so far in the past.

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