09 June 2017

The Start of Summer

My mental state has improved quite significantly since joining the YMCA, thankfully. It was definitely what I needed - childcare, time alone, muscle definition. Plus I blasted through my weight plateau that I was stuck at for so long. I would still prefer to be a Zumba instructor, but I realize that this is the right call for us for right now. It has been quite the schedule changer, though, I used to do all my chores and whatnot in the morning, saving afternoons for my me-time, but now I'm at the gym most mornings and using afternoons to get stuff done around the house. Add into the mix the last-minute things I wanted to get done before the last day of school (finishing up the summer wardrobes, getting all the camping gear we inherited plus the stuff we've been stockpiling all washed and organized, a farewell cold from school) and I've found myself pretty busy.

 Speaking of the last day of school, it was today.

You photobomb that picture, Buddy.

I don't think Abigail understands, but I do know that she's a little burnt out from school. More and more weekends she wasn't asking to go to school and fewer and fewer weekdays did she run eagerly to the bus. I think it's the all-dayness of Kindergarten. She's tired from the demanding day by 1 or 2 o'clock. I think a summer of play with just a few hours of light academic work will be good for her little spirit.

At the last possible minute, I remembered to take a quick photo to compare with her first day picture.

I think her face has gotten a bit more mature, but really I'm amazed by how much she looks the same, compared to Eleanor, and, literally, every single one of my friends' before and afters - whose kids are all growing at a normal rate. I just looked it up, and Abigail has only gained 3lbs and grown 1" over the course of the year. It cracks me up, Girlfriend is saving me boo koo bucks on clothing and shoes.

Her teacher sent home this photo today, on her last day of school and I just teared up looking at it, Abigail with two friends from school.

Abigail choosing to hold hands. Abigail choosing to walk nicely in the halls. Abigail making friends. I love it.

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