03 May 2017

The Most Beautiful Thing I've Ever Crocheted

A few months ago, the most beautiful yarn I'd ever seen popped up on my Instagram "wall." The company is German and so...the entire website was in German. Anyway, it took me awhile, but I tracked down the German pattern and deciphered the website and ordered the most amazing yarn with which I've ever worked.

You've probably seen this project filling up the photo montage on the right side of your screen.

I started working the day the yarn arrived, and finished it in two weeks and one day (two weeks, three days if you count time for blocking and weaving in the ends).

I crocheted almost daily, at least two hours (sometimes three or four, depending on if the preschooler napped), squeezing in time whenever I could.

Waiting for the bus
While the kids played outside

At night after the kids went to bed
It was easier to find time to crochet because Matt has been working a lot of 12 hour days; if he had been home in the evenings, I would have spent some of those evenings with him instead.

It has a silver thread with sequins sewn onto it that runs throughout all the colors.

It is super soft, very light weight, the colors are fabulously rich, and I'm pretty sure this is the most beautiful thing I've ever crocheted.

It's downstairs blocking right now, but I have some really fun plans coming up and I promise to take lots of action shots with this beauty and share them on my Instagram page. They'll also pop up in the montage on the right side of your screen when you visit my blog.

My Instagram Page
The yarn's, LoveBobbel, Instagram Page
LoveBobbel's website

PS, I made this shawl with one ball. Those other two balls are a special project my sister-in-law commissioned me to do. I'm so excited to keep working with this yarn!

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