10 May 2017

Eleanor Grace

My blog is my scrapbook. My journal. I reread through old posts - Eleanor's, easy, healing birth. The tumultuous early days when I had never ending mastitis and she refused to sleep on her own. Oh, but life was quaint, sweet, mine.

 She was such a curly haired little cutie. High maintenance. Hit her milestones on the early side.

She loved to be carried. I wore her every day. High maintenance little girl. When Theodore was born, I joked, "I could have 10 Theodores, but only 1 Eleanor."

But really freakin' adorable.

And now the script is reversed. Only one Theodore right now, please. He's a high maintenance little stinker. But I wouldn't mind another Eleanor or two - she's helpful, listens, and she's fun to talk to. I like having her around, listening to her chatter - the stream of consciousness of her evolving thoughts.

Today she turned 3.

We still call her by her old nickname, Chubs, even though she has no chubs. "That's the plan, Stan," I say sometimes. "No, Mama, I'm not a Stan. I'm a Chubs." She's very serious, she doesn't have much of a sense of humor. But she's smart, extremely verbal for a three-year-old. She's hungry to learn, to help, to figure out the world around her. I made up a little itinerary for her, with pictures so she could make sense of today.

As per birthday usual, we did all the birthday girl's favorite things. She woke up to a balloon, flowers, and muffins for breakfast. Then a bubble bath and I painted her nails sparkly purple. For the main activity of the day: shopping for two of her favorite things - jewelry and lotion.

I went light on presents this year so she could buy a few things while we were out. We found the most perfect Amulet of Avalor. So perfect, in fact, that I bought an extra one for a rainy day.

Donut (clip on) earrings, purple sparkly headbands. "Mommy, I'm so pretty!"

For lunch, smoothies and candy cookies at Panera Bread. "Eat your grilled cheese, please," I reminded her before correcting myself, "Well, actually, today of all days, you can just eat what you want."

A quick nap, then presents when Daddy got home.

Princess Sofia's royal carriage. "Mommy, I can brush the horsey's hair!" She's so deeply happy.

And a unicorn sundress - $5 from H&M. We're saving cake for a family party this weekend, so today we got birthday ice cream - strawberry with hot fudge and sprinkles, a big upgrade from the usual baby cone.

"Mommy, I have this big ice cream?!" Yes, and you can stay up late after your siblings go to bed. I prayed aloud over her so many times today, and offered my morning Rosary just for her. I prayed that her faith would grow stronger as she grows older. I prayed for physical and emotional protection. I prayed for her future husband, if she's called to marriage, and that she stays pure and innocent. I prayed for holiness. I prayed for a happy, peaceful, faithful, perfect life for her because she is so tiny and adorable and purple and this world is so big and scary and dark. I love her and I'm so glad she's mine.


Anonymous said...

2nd to last pic looks exactly like you! Happy Birthday, Eleanor! TB

nichole davis said...

She is so pretty! <3 Such a sweet birthday blog for her.

Diane said...

She is a very pretty little girl.