18 May 2017

Abigail Claire

I don't even know how to write about Abigail's birthday. What can I say that does not evoke deja vu of all the things I've said before? I think Abigail comes across as very simple, but she's actual quite complex. There is a lot of personality that I don't think she shows anyone but her family, maybe her teacher. She has a hard time with words and she rarely vocalizes how she feels or what she wants.

She was a bit hesitant when she came out of her room this morning,"Oh goodness!" she said when she saw her balloon and the itinerary. She tried to convince me it was Theodore's birthday too, hugging him and telling him "Happy Birthday!" all morning. She loves donuts, so she got them for breakfast, lined with six candles which she blew out in one blow - her first birthday where she successfully blew out candles.

I debated whether to give her the day off school, but finally decided to send her, so I got her this special shirt to wear. I told the bus driver, wrote a note to her teacher, and told everyone in between: "It's Abigail's birthday!" She hid her head in embarrassment whenever anyone sang to her. Her teacher did say that she seemed excited that it was her birthday today. She wore her birthday girl shirt with her favorite "ABC pants" - letter shirt and letter pants make a surefire combination for a successful outfit in Abigail's opinion. She does like to wear "pretty dresses," but pretty dresses have a way of getting ruined at school.

She opened one present - a book, and was quite excited, "Pretty Sofia!" She fingered the sparkly page. "Lucinda!" She sat down to read it right away.

Her sandwich consisted of a super special (homemade, chewy) peanut butter oatmeal cookie with marshmallow fluff sandwich. It looked so amazing, I had one for lunch too, even though it isn't my birthday. I wish I could know if she liked it, but she can't tell me. She is very strange about food and sometimes likes or doesn't like things and I have no idea why. I hope she liked the sandwich, she did like the cookies by themselves this morning.

When she got home from school, she had a special birthday smoothie (strawberry banana with chocolate protein powder) and opened two more presents - books, and took one in the car as we headed to music therapy, which I think she gets more out of it then she lets on. Her participation is hit or miss on various days and for various songs. Today, she modeled the teacher's movements for a particular duck song, putting them behind her back and counting them down at the same time as the therapist - it was adorable and also a really good sign.

A pic from a few months ago in music class.

At first she didn't want to go to music class, "No music class, church's turn!" She was oppositional and I don't know why, she wanted to go any where except music therapy. Then we arrived and she was fine, her usual self, singing along to that song, pouting for this song. Everyone sang to her, and she hid her head. Dinner, of course, was McDonald's, which I don't even think she likes anymore as much as she likes the idea of it. "French fries!" She shouts whenever we pass a sign. "Do you want a cheeseburger or chicken nuggets?" I ask and she chooses chicken, although she doesn't eat any of her nuggets. I don't know, she doesn't ever really seem to eat much. This is probably why she is 6 and weights 33 lbs. (Eleanor is 3 and weighs 30.)

Then the present grand finale. A matching unicorn dress and yet another Sofia set, this one shaped like a book that - I learned as she opened it - also plays part of a song from the episode. Eleanor struggled mightily all day with the fact that it was no longer her birthday and Abigail's present was almost too much to bear. She listened well to our corrections to let Abigail unwrap it alone and let Abigail look at it, but she took every opportunity to sneak a peak or press the button to make the song play. Eleanor's attention on her toy sent Abigail into a frenzy of panic. "No, Eleanor! Time out!" she kept shouting, melting to the ground in tears and a pouty lip. At one point, Abigail abandoned her toy and her french fries and went to sit in the screen room with a book, but even the sound of Eleanor playing with the toy in the house set her off.

It was a tough moment that I didn't know how to juggle. Abigail's frustration was mounting, so we quickly abandoned ship and headed out to get ice cream.

How Eleanor felt about that fact that it was Abigail's birthday:

How Theodore felt:
"The more carbs, the better, guys. Let's have parties every day. These thigh rolls aren't going to build themselves."

When we arrived at the ice cream place, Abigail walked straight up to the counter, cutting off everyone else in line, and started chatting with the ice cream guy, making everyone in line laugh. I'm certain she had no idea why we were all standing around when there was ice cream to be eating.

We returned home with a markedly perkier crew, who all went to bed while Abigail stayed up late playing with her new toy, anxiety-free. She's a sweet little girl who is so very nurturing/bossy, but all in a desire to be helpful. Her teacher told us at the IEP meeting that she doesn't even want to play with toys during free time, she wants to be up in the front of the classroom playing with the pointer and the calendar. She loves books, horses, and watching movies. She loves to play catch and has a wicked throw, as good as a typically developing six-year-old, actually. Abigail is so complex, chatty when she's one-on-one, but quiet in a group, She needs alone time every day, but diligently makes sure we all stick together in a group when we go outside, but also still darts off sometimes. Eleanor is faster than Abigail, but Abigail still bosses her around. She's got a sense of humor that her siblings are lacking, doesn't care one wit for dolls or legos, hates large crowds of people, loves popcorn, is blonder in person than she photographs, with red highlights, and freckles sprinkled below her blue eyes. She's adorable and she's mine and I can't believe she's already six-years-old.


nichole davis said...

Happy Birthday Abigail!

She is beautiful! There is so much of your description of her that reminds me of my Mya. It is challenging for all siblings on birthdays here in our house.

Anonymous said...

You are such an awesome mom. You do such thoughtful things for their birthdays. Your love for them is evident on every post on your blog. God bless you, Mama! TB