22 May 2017

7 Quick Takes Monday

1. I ran a 5K on Saturday - through an apple orchard.

This was my second 5K, my first one was last August. Theodore was 9 months old. Training gave me pain in my right foot, but Urgent Care said it was just a sprain. I didn't want to use a minor sprain as an excuse to skip out on my first ever 5K, so I decided to run anyway. But it was actually a stress fracture and it started hurting pretty bad. I did walking/running intervals and ended up spraining basically the rest of my foot and my ankle, and straining my leg muscles all the way up into my glutes. Plus there was a photographer at the finish line and I looked terrible in the photos, which, of course, were blasted all over Facebook. It was an awful and embarrassing experience, so I was really keen on a second 5K to overlap the memory of the first.

It was gorgeous but hard as there was a variety of terrain and it was super hilly. I tried to start training for it two months ago, but running started stirring up the stress fracture again, so instead, I threw myself into the workouts for my Zumba weight loss challenge (like planks, leg raises, step ups, Russian twists), plus the Jillian Michaels squat challenge, weekly Zumba (when I could make it to class), and rowing on our rowing machine. I was able to run the entire 5K - no walking, no resting - without ever doing a training run! And I have no foot pain! I'm pretty proud of myself, actually, and really happy that I got a participation/finishers medal, even though it's uncool to support participation awards right now. I was definitely floating on an exercise endorphin high for the rest of the day.

2. After much time in prayer and thinking and talking to Matt, days spent racked my brain, Googling, and calling around, we/I finally came to a few conclusions.

-This is not a good time for me to become a Zumba instructor. I want to, badly, and I get a good feeling whenever I bring it to God in prayer, but it would require me taking on a whole bunch of responsibility that I don't think I can commit to right now. I had hoped since it was a different kind of responsibility that would enrich me in other ways, I could add it to the mix. It was hard for me to come to that decision, and I cried a bit. I'm not saying never, I'm saying not right now. Unfortunately.

-I need something. Badly. But it needs to be something I can do during the day because I can't guarantee that I'll have evenings, plus I'm crazy drained by 8pm anyway. I thought throwing three kids in the mix would make it impossible for me to find anything affordable. I can't hire a baby sitter or ask family to watch the kids a few days a week so I can sit in a coffee shop or something. But I found one thing that fit almost every bill and Matt thought was brilliant. We figure we can afford it at least through the summer.

It includes free childcare. I won't get to be part of something larger nor give back to the community. But it's a huge step up from nothing. I'm planning my first workout session tomorrow and I'm super excited. Hopefully the soreness from the 5K will have worn off by then too.

3. I've been working diligently to create a summer school for the girls. My goal is to keep Abigail from loosing the skills she's gained this year. I've based my curriculum almost entirely off Abigail's homework and the worksheets she completes that the teacher sends home for me to see. What isn't copied from school comes from therapists we know. Eleanor's school will be much less structured, but she is absurdly excited to do "Eleanor's school." I have a feeling once I get everything set up, we're going to be starting right away.

When I get everything set up, I'll write a detailed post.

I've assembled almost all of my supplies and made up a "master schedule" for both girls. Next I want to make a weekly schedule for the first week. I'll take things week-by-week until I figure out what works and then I'll fill in the rest of the summer.

I am hoping to do school in the basement during Theodore's nap time. This way the upstairs will be quiet for his nap, I won't need to revert to television every day, and we'll be in the cool basement during the hottest part of the day. So I've also been re-arranging things downstairs. I'm still working on it, so I don't have any afters, but here are the befores, taken before the overhead lights had even warmed up all the way. Talk about staging perfect befores...

4. I'm totally in a meal planning rut. I have a million new recipes I could try shoved in a beat up green folder and a list of regular meals I'm tired of (and are too wintery, like chili and chicken pot pie). I spent an afternoon last week dividing and sorting recipes into fun new folders from last fall's school supply sale.

It did inspire me a bit, although I think our finances would benefit from me also planning out breakfasts (the amount of money we spend on cereal each month is staggering), plus I could use a faster meal planning/grocery list making process. The two new to dos sucked out all my fresh inspiration. This chore is fast becoming one of my least favorite ones.

5. I'd be much happier if I could just make baked goods as suited my cravings for our meals. Homemade poptarts for lunch anyone?

6. Roxy does not like taking baths, but will get in the tub and stand quietly while water runs down her fur if I ask her to, because she is a very obedient dog. Whenever I give the kids a bath, she squeezes into the bathroom and looks pitifully at me. "Must I take a bath, Person? I really don't want to; I will, but please don't make me." Even though I never called her in there. Even though the tub is full of kids. Even though I am giving her no indication that it's her turn. Even though I've never bathed her right after bathing the kids. She comes in, lays down, and begs me with her eyes to forget she's there.

7. In between the girls' birthdays, we had a small party that was basically just my parents and my grandma over for dinner and presents. Long story short, it was supposed to be a party for Eleanor that was converted over into a party for both girls.

It is amazing how many Sofia party supplies you can get at Oriental Trading for $20. It is amazing how much happiness a preschooler can get out of $20 in Sofia party supplies.

I also made a unicorn cupcake cake for the girls, dying the batter rainbow colored and filling the cupcakes with sprinkles. It was actually pretty easy, just very time consuming.

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