12 April 2017


How many miles, I wonder,
have my feet propelled this carriage,
have my arms pushed them onward?
How many times have these wheels turned
in service
of delivering tired, cranky,
sometimes sick,
babies to sleep?

Sometimes quickly,
hurry, hurry, building up a sweat,
sometimes slowly, meandering,
like a river
that has already conquered the land,
quiet, gently,
rocking them to sleep.

Babies who won't nap,
are too sick to sleep,
are tired of their toys.
A Mommy who need some peace,
a moment to hear silence.
And once upon a time,
A baby who's heart
was too weak
to sustain her much longer.

Under the palm trees,
fronds gently blowing
in hot,

Before historic buildings,
tall with grandeur,
beautiful with past.
The city,
full of people,
energy and excitement
carry in the wind.

And now from my own house,
across my own front yard,
down the streets I call
my own,
the city I live in now,
these wheels are still
my feet are still
forward, forward
onward March
until the mood restored.


Kindra said...

Beautiful, in both its difficulty and restoration.

Anonymous said...

For some reason, my phone tends to eat comments when I post them...grrrr.... Trying it again on the PC!

I loved this. My stroller has thousands of miles on it, too.