08 April 2017

Spring Break, Day 6

Hey guys! I'm going to finish out the week here, but I apologize for the bomb that is my spring break! I thought it would be fun to have a series of short, light posts with lots of pictures, but if my pageview counts are any indication, you, my readers, are totally NOT feeling it. Oh goodness; at least I enjoyed writing it. I am terrible at figuring out what people want, I think that's part of why I'm always struggling with my Etsy shoppe.

Anyway, so yesterday morning began when the girls pulled down the rod in their closet holding all their dresses and demanded requested to wear sleeveless dresses from last year that are too small and should have been weeded out and boxed up. It took jeans and sweaters to make them acceptable, but, thankfully, they didn't seem to mind. 

You'd think I'd be able to get away dressing Theodore, but Eleanor is actually very opinionated as to what he should wear. She usually wants him to be a blue dinosaur.

Theodore is a total Daddy's boy and literally jumps out of my arms when Matt gets home from work. He also clings to him and cries every morning before he leaves.

Everyone was grouchy again yesterday - I have really high maintenance children, I guess - and it took a picnic on my yoga mat yesterday to get them all to pipe down and just breathe.

In the time it took for me to sweep up the crumbs and throw away the missed fruit snack wrappers, they were already beating each other up and begging to be picked up and carried around. All three of them. They desperately need to run around and burn energy in the backyard, but it's currently a mud pit thanks to the record-breaking rain we've had, so I tried to distract them with our sticker collection.

Abigail went straight for the alphabet stickers. Eleanor went straight for the mermaid ones.

Meanwhile, without his sisters' interference, Theodore was free to risk certain death.

I gave him a sticker, which he promptly toddled over and bequeathed to his second favorite being in the family: Cat.

Poor Roxy, who no longer has that title. She actually wants the attention, instead it goes to Cat who has never quite forgiven me for having children to begin with.

I don't even know what happened to the afternoon. I know I folded six loads of laundry and Theodore woke up one and a half hours early from his three hour nap. Before too long, it was time to get everyone packed up and ready to head to church for the final fish fry of the year. They are a huge source of revenue for the Knights of Columbus (a men's organization that throws them and of which Matt is a loyal member), but they are very popular in our community and super crowded, so we don't attend many of them each year, but we make a point to make one. I told Abigail that were going to church to have French fries for dinner, and without saying a word, she walked over and kissed me. Eleanor took more bribery - "Do you want cake or ice cream? Let's get in the car and go get some!" Abigail flung Eleanor's shoes at her. "Church. Jesus," she commanded. By 6pm Theodore was so beyond done with life that he just laid limply in his carseat.

Eating out with three young kids, one with special needs, is a significant amount of work. It usually isn't even worth the work. Abigail actually behaved incredibly well last night, while Theodore flung his macaroni across the room with his spoon and Eleanor refused to stay in her seat. By the time we were done eating, the fish fry was over, dessert was gone, and it was past bedtime for 66% of my minions. Of course they didn't forget that I had promised them ice cream, so I opted to stop by a soft serve place on the way home and continued the ice cream bribe to get them all in their coats and out to the car.

Theodore was so exhausted by the time I sat down to rock him to sleep that he was slap happy. He would pick his head up off my shoulder and give me this sneaky smile. Then he'd lean in and kiss me right on the lips and then start laughing hysterically. How funny, to kiss Mommy. He'd lay his head back down for a moment before starting the process over again.

By 8:30pm, collapsing on the couch with some crocheting sounded amazing, but instead I dragged myself (kidney stone still throbbing) grocery shopping! Normally grocery shopping at 9:00 at night on a weeknight is a surefire way to get the store to myself, but for some reason, Meijer was surprisingly crowded last night. I offered up my suffering, picturing the crucifix whenever my stone starting bothering me.

I love, love, love it when my pantry is stocked and neatly organized, I feel so safe and blessed. How stereotyically Holly Housewife of me. Going last night was a great call, though, Meijer was having an amazing match up on cereal - I got eight boxes for $1.42 each and three boxes for $1.50 each. Is this why these posts have been such a dud? Six loads of laundry and 11 boxes of cereal? Hmm...


Diane said...

I love all your posts but sometimes I can't get the comment to post for some reason!?!?

Anonymous said...

I love your posts too, and read each one, day by day this week! The picture in this one of Theodore holding on to Daddy's leg is so sweet. Your pictures are always great too. I can't always comment when I read them, but read them I do! :-). TB

nichole davis said...

I read them all. 😀 I agree eating out is really hard. Our church has homemade meals every Wed. Before service. It is a great and safe place for us to practice and my kids are making progress in sitting and eating while out.

nichole davis said...

I read them all. 😀 I agree eating out is really hard. Our church has homemade meals every Wed. Before service. It is a great and safe place for us to practice and my kids are making progress in sitting and eating while out.