07 April 2017

Spring Break, Day 5

While I did do all my couponing last week, I still haven't gone grocery shopping yet, so yesterday's spring break breakfast consisted of a luxurious stack of chocolate chip pancakes.

I'm enjoying the frugal savings of making everything with stuff from my pantry. The meal plan expired and I have yet to go grocery shopping, so it's like all my meals are rouge, off-grid, money savers. I definitely couldn't do this under the time crunch of an impending bus arrival. It's definitely a challenge to continue to be frugal with three kids - oftentimes I just want more convenience.

After a very sticky breakfast, I had a major victory in the bathtub. For the first time in his entire life, Theodore stopped crying. I normally bath him separately, as he screams so loud that my ears are honestly ringing by the time we're done, but he's been making progress and really seemed to want to climb in with the girls. So I striped him and dunked him. At first he cried, then he whined, then he actually shut up and enjoyed himself.

I have very pale children. Even in the dead of winter my pediatrician is like, "You slather them in sunscreen, right?"
And because we live in Michigan, when we emerged from the lengthy bath, it was snowing.

Once everyone was fed and cleaned and dressed, I shooed them off to play and got serious about cleaning the house. I vacuumed, I picked up the piles of toys that had been building all break, I crammed in as many loads of laundry as I could manage, and I did the dishes. Somewhere in there, I put Theodore down for a nap, turned on Netflix for the girls, cleaned the bathrooms, then I actually put real clothes and mascara on. Why? So that I could sweat it all off getting three kids changed/potty-ed, in socks, shoes, and coats, and loaded into the car.

Late the night before, I enrolled Abigail in a Down syndrome-specific music therapy class. I confirmed that I could drag siblings along.

Abigail loved it, caught on quickly, and then charmed everyone by getting really into the music.

And, for the first time in a very long time, when I saw the pictures of myself, I was like, "Hey, I look like I've lost weight!" (I'll post more about the Zumba weight loss challenge and everything after spring break).

Matt was home when we got home, so we put the kids to bed, built a fire, and curled up on the couch when I realized that the weird cramps I'd been feeling earlier had morphed into distinct kidney pain. You guessed it! Another kidney stone! I was up late last night in pain, this is definitely in the top 3 most painful stones I've ever had. The weird thing is that it's in my right kidney. My left kidney is my bad one.

It's still moving through me today, hopefully I'll pass it this evening. Either way, today is the last day of spring break week! It's a good thing the weather is supposed to be nice this weekend, hopefully we can still end on a bang.

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