05 April 2017

Spring Break, Day 3

Tuesday morning began well, sleeping in (7am, guys), and another giant pot of oatmeal, me crocheting in the rocking chair while the kids played. But then, well, I needed to drop everything and buy a new mop. I'll spare you the details, but I crossed mopping off my chore list. Normally I do all my house cleaning chores on Monday, but this week I've been stringing them out each day.

While at Meijer, we also bought some super-special spring break treats, including some juice boxes. It's amazing how much a small treat will spruce up an entire afternoon!

Once Theodore went down for his nap, we headed downstairs to watch Finding Dory. I intended to crochet, but fell asleep instead. When I woke up, I fell into the old tv trap - I let the girls watch Sofia the First on autoplay while Theodore napped late and I did whatever I wanted.

When Theodore woke up and I made dinner, I began to realize what a lazy slob I'd been, so I did the dishes and cleaned off the counters and kitchen table. Nothing like some open surfaces to make a home feel clean again.

It was then again a good, relaxing evening. I do make a point, even on the most relaxing of days, to clean up a bit in the evening. With three kids making messes all day long, if I don't pick toys up in the evening, it'll just set us up on the wrong foot in the morning.

Once all the kids were in bed, I stayed up late crocheting a hooded cape for Eleanor. I should have been couponing, but, hey, it's spring break.

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