24 April 2017

Imaginative Play

Eleanor was doing real, complex imaginative play for the first time this weekend. Not just changing a baby doll's diaper or pretending to order pizza on a fake phone. It was almost bedtime and she was the last one awake. "Put your Sofias away," I told her. A few minutes later, Amber and Crackle were having lunch (sandwiches and grapes). Somehow an imaginary Abigail got involved, and she and Amber got into a fight. Amber explained to Mr. Cedrick that she needed to go talk to Abigail.

When she was done, she put all her Sofias back in her bag and brought it to me. She's so adorable. I'm relieved to know that my clingy, high maintenance baby turned into a charming little girl. There's hope for Theodore yet.

1 comment:

Diane said...

Wow! Does Eleanor ever look like you!!