27 April 2017

Family Resemblance

I think the topic of family resemblance is so interesting - who do kids look like, what ancient family traits have surfaced, how can mannerisms be inherited? Are the way your muscles connected in your body genetic? So interesting!

I think all my kids are carbon copies of me. People will say, "Oh I see Matt in this one!" I'm always like, "Where? I mean, I'm married to the guy and I don't see him in the kids." Sometimes I'll see traits of his family in certain looks the kids make, and they definitely have some of his mannerisms, but overall? I think they're just mini Jacquelines. Someone recently noted that Matt and I have similar features, so she can see both of us in the kids' features.

Anyway, I put some collages together on Tuesday, and it just so happened that someone requested some comparison pictures! So here we go, complete with surveys!

Here is me as a child next to Eleanor and Theodore...

I think I look a lot like Theodore here.

And here is another one...

I think Eleanor and I are twins here...

Okay, what do you think?

Theodore looks like...

His mom
His dad
A good mix of both
Neither of you - are you sure he wasn't adopted?
Clearly he's a carbon copy of his mom, why is this even a question?
survey maker


Eleanor looks like...
Her mom
Her dad
A good mix of both
Neither of you - are you sure she wasn't adopted?
Clearly she's a carbon copy of her mom too, are ya'll blind?
poll creator


Abigail looks like...
Her mom
Her dad
A good mix of both
Neither of you, or else I just can't see past the Down syndrome
Yada, yada, Down syndrome - clearly she's a carbon copy of her mom too

I also have this picture of me with Abigail where I think we look a lot alike. We even have a similar eye shape, which I think is really interesting given that Down syndrome affects the shape of the eye so heavily.


Iseoni Austin said...

Abagail's nose is all her dad's. Her eyes, like you mention are like yours in their expression, but her wide, hesitant grin is more like her dads.

Eleanor is all you, except for her cheeks, which look like her dad's.

Theodore has dad's eyes and cheeks, and your serious smile.

Cindy said...

Isn't it funny the way we see different things in the same people? Okay, here's my take on your family: I think Eleanor looks like you did as a child. I think Theodore looks like you as an adult, and I think Abigail looks like Matt. What a fun survey!