18 March 2017

Potty training post script

After a few days of successfully pottying in the potty, Eleanor suddenly refused to poop in the potty. Pee? No problem. Poop? She'd rather do it in her underwear. I Googled it, and apparently, it's a thing. "Be patient," I read. "Sometimes kids are afraid to poop in the potty because they feel like they are loosing a part of themselves in the potty too." I read about how I should let her sit on the potty in a diaper and poop into the diaper. "Take things slowly, you don't want to make things worse and cause your child to hold it in all day until constipation because a serious issue."

I call bull on that shit. (Hehehe.)

"We poop in the potty, not in our underwear!" I lost my patience. I took a deep breath. "If you poop in the potty I'll give you candy." Eleanor ran to the bathroom.
"I peed, Mommy!" There was the tiniest of yellow puddles in the training potty. "Now I want candy!" She exclaimed excitedly.
"No. You only get candy when you poop."

Later that afternoon, she came running out of the bathroom with her pants around her ankles. "I pooped on the potty, Mommy!" She did, too. And she got candy.

And she has successfully pooped in the potty and gotten a handful of chocolate chips ever since.

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Anonymous said...

Right on! You inspired me to potty train # 4, who's 2.75. It's going GREAT, with him waking up at night to go potty too. 2 chocolate chips for pee, 3 for poo. If he goes after brushing his teeth at night or in the middle of the night, he happily talks about the number of chocolate chips he'll get in the morning. The older kids think it's unfair that he gets chocolate chips during Lent. :-) TB