06 March 2017

Mysterious Voicemails

"Hello, Mrs. Kooooooshal," she butchered my name into my voicemail. "This is the school psychologist from Abigail's school. No emergency, just calling to talk about your daughter's evaluation. I'm in my office today until 3:30pm, so give me a call."

What the (pardon my pending French) fuck? I had no idea Abigail was "scheduled" for an "evaluation" with the school psychologist. Isn't that a problem? She's a special needs, barely verbal five-year-old, this seems like the sort of thing you have the mom SIT IN FOR. Am I waiving all my rights to parent Abigail because we're in public school now?

What was Abigail evaluated for? And why was it months ahead of her IEP? And what kind of credentials does a school psychologist even have? Did she earn a doctorate in psychology and then pursue a job that pays next to nothing in order to make a difference in the Down syndrome community of rural Michigan?

This kind of shit really, really bothers me. Someone I didn't know existed pulls my kid aside and studies her based on hidden criteria for purposes unknown to me. NOT OKAY. I'm going to end up with a reputation as "That annoying mom who needs to know every detail." I'M OKAY WITH THAT.

It doesn't stop because you're in a good school with an awesome special education program. It doesn't ever stop. So we all gotta figure out how to get along. "Let's lay some ground rules first, Mrs. Schoooooooool Psychologist. We're not co-parenting. I'm the parent. You're the resource."

UPDATE: So I finally spoke with the school psychologist and while I still have no idea what her credentials are, I did find out that the evaluation has yet to happen (I must have misunderstood the voicemail), and we are both in agreement that on this occasion, anything she does with Abigail will not be very accurate as Abigail is largely nonverbal and extremely shy. So it will be a parent report. It is for her IEP and she only needs evaluating every three years, which is why I didn't know it would be coming up. I will get a final copy of the report before it goes in her official file (IEP) for the year.

I do hate these reports and meetings. They have a way of wording my responses that makes it sound like I'm a barely credible witness who was likely high and/or sleeping at the time of events. "Mother reports that child can site read 24-36 words." What would her IEP look like - what would school look like - if we could safely assume that children were coming from safe, warm, stable homes with a good, loving mother who had her child's best interest at heart?

Whatever. The IEP meeting is coming up and I hate IEP meetings. Lenten. Suffering.

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Matt said...

"We're not co-parenting. I'm the parent. You're the resource." Boom!