07 March 2017


I have avoided say anything for fear of jinxing it, but I am confident now: Eleanor is officially potty trained, guys! I have been a mom for just shy of six years and I finally have one potty trained kid. She will be three in two months. One morning, I just decided I was done with diapers.

My thoughts? It was crazy easy, but I've heard that is the case if you wait until the kid is really ready. Potty training was the last thing on my mind at the time, I joked that I was just going to wait until they potty trained themselves. But she was exhibiting all the signs of readiness and so when I woke up last week, I decided to go for it. I was just so sick of changing diapers.

I broke out the big girl underwear that we've had for quite a while now and I put some on her while explaining the new situation. It took her two days of a few accidents to figure out what was going on (we're talking 1-2 accidents per day) and then we were home-free.

She is so excited to be out of diapers that I literally have to fight her to get a pull up on at night. She can't hold it all night (we tried). I have stopped fighting her into a pull up when we leave the house - we've started the "do you have to go potty?" ritual before we leave the house now. It is sooooo nice - with Abigail in school all day and Eleanor now potty trained...I only have one kid in diapers during the day. I have noticed a serious reduction in the number of times I need to empty the diaper pail. Happy days.


Diane said...

My granddaughter, who is the same age as Eleanor, just potty trained too. Congratulations to you!!

Anonymous said...

Aaw man...now I'm feeling guilty for giving in to # 4's excuses for not potty training...clearly, if he can say things like, "Mom, I'm pooping in my diaper now because I'm too little to potty train," HES READY! ...I guess I need to wake up tomorrow and pull out the big boy pants. Thanks? ;-) TB

Jacqueline said...

#4, TB? You know what you're doing! Wait if you want, I waited until I was absolutely fed up, plus Eleanor was my first time potty training!

nichole davis said...

I know that it can be done! lol, I mean 4 years ago I did get my oldest potty trained. It is hard to feel like I can be successful though with 3 in diapers. I too have never had a break from having 1-3 kids to diaper over the last 6.5 years. It is a lot. It is overwhelming. It is emotional. I know I need to do it. I know my girls are ready; though Mya will take time. I just need to do it. Thanks for this blog it is an encouragement. :)