24 March 2017

Joy, joy, joy

I have been living in my first home for one year and two months, and I am still so happy here. I did two solid hours of yard work today, with Eleanor's help, of course, while Theodore napped. Two hours in the slightly breezy, unusually warm weather, before I came inside and threw open all the windows. I don't think there is anything that reminds me how blessed I am to have this house like clean counters and open windows. Thank you, Lord! I want to enjoy your great gift until my hair turns gray and my joints wither up with arthritis. I feel very blessed to live here, to care for this house and fill it up with life.

The large windows and hardwood floors (currently covered in toys). The huge dining room table, supporting baskets of laundry to fold before dinner. The of-my-dreams kitchen with it's real, closet-style pantry and shiny counter tops. The three cozy bedrooms with plush carpet, actually decent because I picked up all the toys this morning.

I love my home's location, I love it's pretty spacious yard, I love it's gigantic magnolia tree in the backyard. I love thinking about my kids growing up here - as we pick up toys and get ready for bed in the evening, I look out the windows and imagine how my kids will study this view - the angles of the neighbor's house from this vantage point, the weeds that only grow on that side of the house for some reason, the trees I can't see from my bedroom's windows. This is the view of their childhoods. They stand on this plush carpet and peer joyfully out of them when the garbage truck drives by, and one day they'll stand on this same floor and glare angrily out them because they're teenagers and they're mad at me. And when they come home to visit from college and after they get married, they'll peek in their rooms to see how I've redecorated them and they'll look out the windows and nostalgically see that nothing there has changed.

From spring last year - our first spring in our new house
My house was built in the 50s, but as far as we can tell from neighbors' and local repairmen's stories, has never had family in it - bustling with three kids, a cat, and a dog. So this is the next ring in the life of the house - chocked full of baby gates and plastic slides and one very blessed family.

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