29 March 2017

Crazytown Idea

I have this crazy idea that I know is crazy. But I cannot get it out of my head and Matt is sick of me talking about it...I wanna move the master bedroom to the basement.

I know. Crazy. Here's the thing(s):
-None of my kids do well together sharing a room. Theodore is a light sleeper, Eleanor is a night owl, and Abigail is an early bird. Either Eleanor and Theodore sleep together and Theodore is tired during the day or Abigail and Eleanor sleep together and Eleanor is tired during the day. Right now we're running with the latter.

-The bedroom walls are kinda thin (not apartment thin, but not great) and Theodore's room is next to the bathroom. So Matt and I getting up and getting ready in the morning wakes up whoever's still sleeping by then.

-Our closet is tiny. Matt's clothes are in our closet and mine are in Theodore's.

-The downstairs office didn't work and we abandoned it. I don't even know why. Matt was always far away whenever he was on the computer, which is always, I think. So he's upstairs now, and he built a desk top computer. The monitor is huge and doesn't fit in our secretary-style desk, but it works better for him to be in the living room. So now the fold-up desk is mine and in our bedroom and he has my workspace in the living room. But it's all open and the kids are always getting into stuff and it's not very pretty when guests come over.

I LOVE the idea of turning our current garage into a master suite and building a new garage, but that's a 5-year plan kinda goal. So one day I realized we could move to the basement! It currently looks like this:

Yeesh, but here's the listing photos from the previous empty-nester homeowners, which show it off better.

It's finished and carpeted, has a full bathroom, and a large storage area that we could turn into a master closet for less than $200. The space is so large that we could easily fit our bedroom furniture plus an office corner for Matt and a craft corner for me. We'd even have a working, wood-burning fireplace in our bedroom. How awesome is that?! I'd like to still keep the tv area downstairs, but move it over by the stairs. All the toys would go upstairs in the current master bedroom. Each kid would get their own room (at least until we have more kids, but hopefully by then we'll have some similar sleeping habits). We could set our baby monitor up in the hallway so that we could hear if any of the kids woke up. All this sounds awesome to me. I can't even think of any down sides. But it's weird and no one does it, so there must be cons. Right? I'd love to test the arrangement out, but it would be so. much. work. and with Matt thinking this idea is straight out of Crazytown, I just don't want to make him go through all that work for something he really doesn't want to do.

But I can't get it out of my head! I'm going for a walk and I'm all like, Oh yeah, and if our room was downstairs, then we could do such-and-such...

Someone, please, talk me out of this!


Katy said...

Basement bedrooms require proper egress for safety. That means a walk out (full door) or a window low enough and large enough to crawl out of. In the event of a fire, you can easily become trapped. That's why most people don't have basement bedrooms.

Really, unless you have a walk-out, don't do it. It's not safe. You can have an egress window put in, but they are quite expensive ($4000-$6000). I looked into doing that at my house and decided that I was better off keeping the bedrooms upstairs and putting my sewing room in the basement.


Matt said...

Thanks, Katy! Safety First!

Amelia Bentrup said...

Yes, I think the window/door issue is why most people don't do it. It's not safe to have a bedroom that you can't get outside in case of fire. Have you thought about using a sound machine to help with the thin walls/waking kids up in the morning issue? I've never used one before, but I use one now with my baby and it really helps her nap through the noise of our household. Plus, it lets me know the baby monitor is working correctly (I can hear the sound machine through the monitor).