02 February 2017

The Museum of Her Dreams

I gotta make this quick because Eleanor is dying for some entertainment and I've agreed to a movie while I clip coupons. Fun. Times.

A few weeks ago, Eleanor was bursting at the seams to get out of the house - green with envy over Abigail's daily bus ride to the mysterious, and surely amazing, school. "Mommy, lets go shopping at Meijer," she'd decide. "I gonna wear my Cinderbella dress in my carseat, okay?" I bought a pass to a hands-on children's museum about 20 minutes away. We have been there every week since.

The water table with all its way fun toys is slowly but surely helping Theodore overcome his death-fear of water.

We pack a lunch in a LUNCH BOX with the super special things Abigail gets to take to lunch, like YOGURT in a TUBE! It's like, "Well, she either won a new car or is eating Go-Gurt. She has the same reaction."

Everyday Eleanor tells me in a very serious voice, "Mommy, I has ta go to the museum." We're very quickly learning the days of the week over here, guys.


Anonymous said...

Is picture 2 a giant lite brite?! I wanna go too! I never got to play with the lite brite in Kindergarten. Somebody always got it before me at playtime. TB Oh, woe was me!

Matt said...

It is a giant lite brite! Jacqueline is smitten as well. :-/

Jacqueline said...

What he said ;)

Cindy said...

What a fantastic idea to take them so often! And it's such a fun place! They're learning and overcoming fears, way to go Mom!!