16 January 2017

PPD - I'm winning

I'm winning in the battle against postpartum depression, guys. It's pretty awesome. I've been sticking with the supplements I learned about in The Mood Cure. I noticed an immediate end to the withdrawal effects of the antidepressant (SSRI), although I was "only" noticing symptoms 3-4 days per week. Plus I get all the benefits I the SSRI gave me - no depression, no anxiety, no insomnia, less anger, less obsessive compulsive tendencies. I used to be a morning person, but after Theodore, suddenly I couldn't stop hitting snooze, but now I can hop right out of bed again. When I forget a dose, I can feel my temper growing shorter and my anxiety start to rise, BUT I don't get any withdrawal effects like I did if I forgot to take the antidepressant. It is the author's goal that a person get herself back to normal and then cease supplements, so I won't be on them long term. In terms of side effects, I do get weird pockets of exhaustion and energy, and I'm not sure why. SSRIs make me tired to, so I just take them before bed, but these supplements work best when staggered throughout the day, so that's not an option. 

Abigail's bus is about to arrive, so I must sign off, but there you have a boring, little post. I did have a picture, but Eleanor is currently playing with my phone and nothing will convince me to take it from her and incur the hellfire that would result.

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Amelia Bentrup said...

I'm so glad that book is helping you. One tip I have found for me, is that if my diet is lacking in protein, then I start to need the amino acids again, but if I am eating really well and lots of protein (meaning at least 70-80 grams a day as a nursing mother) then I don't need to take any extra amino acids. Once I realized how helpful amino acids could be, then I realized the importance of eating enough protein (it's not something I tend to like to eat a lot of), but if I get enough (sometimes supplementing with a whey protein powder) then I feel so much better and don't need any supplements.