30 January 2017

7 Quick Takes Monday

1. My "big" Mom 2 Mom sale this past weekend went terribly. I didn't even make back my table fee! At times, our wing had absolutely no shoppers in it - as dead as when we showed up at 7am to set up our tables.

The saving grace is that my sister-in-law, the one who got me into these sales, was next to me and we spent the entire morning chatting away. Surprisingly enough, though, my book is actually a really big hit at these sales. I always sell a couple copies, this being my third sale.

2. Theodore is now 14 months old. He does not yet walk, cruise along furniture, or even stand without leaning on something for support. He can sign "more" when desperate. He also only says two words: "Mum mum" and "Uh oh," which he does when Eleanor hurls herself to the ground in a dramatic temper tantrum.

It kind sounds like he says, "cat" and "what's dis," but it's also very possible I'm just imagining things. He's definitely following the stereotype that boys develop later than girls.

3. He is also - I think - my earliest temper tantrum thrower. But his sisters also take things from him in significantly higher quantities than Abigail took from Eleanor. And nobody took things away from Abigail. So I guess he's justified.

4. My goodness two is a complicated age. Eleanor can do really adorable things, like ask me to turn the cold off outside or ask for, and politely drink, hot chocolate.

She can also do really helpful things, like seek me out when she finds an "eww bug" or fetch tissues from the bathroom or bring wipe up something Theodore spilled without me asking or even knowing. And then, of course, two-year-olds can scream at the top of their lungs until your ears start ringing because you put them in the wrong #*$&% color diaper.

5. Abigail is starting to put together longer sentences and report events to me. "Mommy! Eleanor 'ugh!' this one!" Eleanor was angry because water got in her eyes, so I dried them off with this towel. It may not seem like much, but that's a BIG DEAL for her.

6. I am still intentionally following through with my challenge every day. We're nearing the end of week two and my excitement is starting to dim. I'm still recording everything I eat, but I am not eating as healthily as I did last week. Last week I was super confident about the Wednesday weigh-in, but this week I'm a bit nervous. I set really high goals for myself and it's not going to be feasible if I don't nail every week.

Getting my daily walk in. Don't everybody look at the camera at once.

7. If you're looking for a fun, somewhat thinking/strategy but still really fun game for two people, I really recommend Duel. Matt and I are really addicted to the game right now. There is nothing like turning off your electronics on a Sunday afternoon and engaging with your spouse.

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Cindy said...

I've never heard of the game Duel. The pictures on the box look intriguing though!