20 October 2016

October Lately

I haven't blogged much lately, partly out of depression and partly out of busyness. Matt went up north for a weekend for his dad's annual whiskey tasting. He got home and three days later, I went up north for a few days of his mom's girls' crafting weekend. I got home on a Friday, sold at my first Mom-to-Mom sale on Saturday, and then Matt went out of town again on Monday for a work conference. He got back on Tuesday evening, but then had to stay super late in the office on Wednesday and leave today (Thursday) by 6am for another conference. He'll be back home this evening, but has to head into the office on Saturday to get caught up, all these conferences are making it difficult to hit his deadlines.

The big thing I've been avoiding talking about is that my milk dried up. I'm not sure what started it (about two months ago) and I tried very hard to resurrect it, but it's gone. I don't really want to get into details because I don't want to talk about it because it's depressing.

So anyway. Crafting weekend (actually Wed-Fri) was amazing.

I did bring Theodore, who pulled to stand for the first time and said his first word, "Mama."

Crafting-wise, I got so much stuff done! From when I first woke up until I fell asleep at night, all I did was crochet. I finished a cozy sweater, several items for the Mom-to-Mom sale, and crocheted a few new pieces to sell.

My mother-in-law is a devout Catholic and everyone in attendance was a devout Catholic and we had some excellent discussions. Just holed up all weekend listening to some very holy women share some very enriching stories while I just sit back and crochet. For three days.

Alright, I've run out of time- the natives are beginning to riot. The Mom-to-Mom sale went fabulously, I made more money than I expected. I came in with way too much product ($1300 worth), so I signed up to do two more sales and there is a third one I will sign up for when it becomes available.

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