31 October 2016

Halloween 2016

Quick Monday morning post before I dive into my Monday blitz of cleaning. I have a new accountability system in my planner and I added "Blog" to my agenda for this week. I guess we'll see how well it works by how many times I blog this week, huh?

Happy Halloween, everyone!

This is honestly the extent of my Halloween decorations this year. Abigail painted the big one in school.

We're not doing anything.

I don't have any deep-seeded religious reason; I just don't have the energy this year. With three kids all still in diapers, I have to do everything to make anything happen around here. I just don't care enough about Halloween to waste energy and money on it. I'd have to buy three expensive costumes or try to make a costume on the cheap that would end up costing way too much anyway because it seems like DIY stuff always does. And I'm just going to bundle a winter coat over the costume anyway because rule #1 of Michigan Halloween is that it must be cold and/or rainy to go trick-or-treating. Then I have to lug a baby and convince two children that the scary music isn't that scary, the skeleton hanging from the tree is safe to walk under, the scarecrow/guy-thing propped up on the front porch isn't going to get them, and they should walk down the sidewalk with other kids in costumes and make up so gory it makes me cringe. All while keeping Abigail - the runner - safe.

Once we get home and I sort out all the candy the girls can eat (Reese's Cups, M&Ms, Twix) with the stuff that is too hard or difficult for little mouths (Laffy Taffy, Skittles) and the stuff I. Am. Not. Dealing. With. (Suckers. Who decided those were a good idea?) then I have a giant bowl of TEMPTATION sitting on my counter that I grab from every time I walk by, even though I don't even like half the crap in there.

The home front isn't much better. I have to buy a giant bag of expensive candy to give to all the neighborhood kids, lock Roxy up somewhere in the basement because girlfriend is not a fan of scary costumed people walking up to her house, and, of course, bedtime is right in the middle of trick-or-treating.

We didn't carve or paint or glue construction paper to pumpkins. We didn't go to the pumpkin patch. The only spider webs on my porch are the ones real spiders made that I haven't yet dusted away. ('Cause you know cleaning the porch is one of my top chore priorities.)

People keep asking me, "Are you taking the kids trick-or-treating?" as if my kids' childhood happiness depends on Halloween 2016; as if the decision I make this year will dictate our lives for every Halloween to come. When I voice my reasoning, they try to come up with solutions as if I was begging for help. I'm not saying Halloween is immoral. I'm not saying sugar is bad. We celebrated last year. All I am saying that I don't feel like dealing with it this year.

Phew, thanks for letting me get that off my chest! I had no idea how much pent up frustration I had over it all! Anyway, the natives are restless and it's 19 minutes past the start of the chore blitz. Blog!

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