04 October 2016

Cleaning: Blitz Style

I've adopted a new cleaning style and I'm totally digging it! And this is what gets me going nowadays: talking about cleaning. I know, but it (cleaning) is a huge part of my life as a stay-at-home mom/housewife, ya know?

So, Matt was telling me about this article he read in which the author works super hard one day a week. I think there's been a few books written on the topic actually, but it's finally getting around to us. Anyway, as soon as he told me about it, I had a sudden realization. That's totally me! That's exactly how I work! I strive to do a few chores a day, inspired the moms I most admire in my life, but in reality, I work really hard on Mondays, then randomly during the week, either I'm sick or the kids are sick or there's doctors appointments or someone is having a REALLY BAD DAY or I just plain don't feel like sweeping. So I sit around feeling like a lazy failure and the to-do list gets pushed off and off and off until suddenly the stars align and I blitz out a super productive day. Every week. So why not plan life to go like that?

So for the last month and a half, that's exactly what I've done. I picked Mondays because, for some reason, I am always feeling very motivated on Mondays. So every Monday after we eat breakfast and send Abigail away on the bus, I strap Theodore into the Ergo and clean. I do the dishes; I wipe down the counters with the special granite counter protector; I put away the random piles of stuff that have accumulated on the bench all week; I sweep, Swiffer (mop), and vacuum every room on the main floor and the basement; I put away all the toys and clutter than has gathered on the bookshelves, the coffeetable, and the bar; I clean all three bathrooms; I tidy up the playspace in the basement; I use the special wood protector on the kitchen table; I dig the missing toys out from under the bed and the dressers. I clean.

There are a few chores that Eleanor likes to help with, but mostly she just plays by herself in whatever room I'm cleaning. She gets the routine. I do have a few "special" toys (toys I put up high that she only gets when I really need her to be distracted that I sometimes break out, and I'm also prepared to let her watch Curious George and Sofia the First all morning, but I have yet to need the Babysitter Television for my Monday Blitz.

I'm usually done by lunchtime. I'm pretty organized anyway - tidying is just a matter of putting things back where they belong. Everything already has a place where it belongs. As much as it seemed like it during my old schedule, cleaning a 3 bedroom ranch house is not a marathon kind of feat. One Monday a month, I'll do a little extra work - completely clearing off the counters before I wipe them, moving furniture when I mop and vacuum, and on those days, I usually finish between lunch and naptime.

Cleaning reminds me how blessed I am to be out of that tiny apartment. I'm still in love with my house. I would definitely buy it all over again. Without a doubt.

Then during the rest of the week, I only have to do the dishes and pick up the toys before bed. We can run errands, be sick, be lazy, go to the park, whatever we want without guilt. I totally love it.

I don't do laundry on Monday Blitz, though. For some reason, laundry just gets forgotten amongst all the other chores. I used to do all my laundry on Thursday, but I'm going to try spacing it out and doing one load per day all week. I'll even set timers on my phone to go off at the same time every day: "Move clothes to dryer!" "Get clothes out of dryer!" We'll see how that goes.

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Anonymous said...

Does your husband have any house chores? That question is not meant as a criticism of YOUR husband...we've never gotten on same page about what/where/how/who of regular cleaning, and I often feel like I'm drowning in housework, sob curious about how other couples work these things out. Especially couples wherein Daddy goes to work and brings home the bacon while Mommy stays home. I'm NOT knocking Dads here, just looking for some guidance on how to work it out, what to expect, and how to find some balance. You guys seem to exude balance! TB