27 September 2016


I have been attempting to wean off my antidepressants lately, and it has been a rather terrible experience. The side effects of withdrawing are so terrible I almost don't want to go on medication the next time I am pregnant. Physically they are just awful. Mentally/emotionally, I am suddenly drowning again in overwhelming feelings of failure and worthlessness. It is a tough battle, this depression stuff. I hate it. I don't have anything else to say right now. Writing just this has taken a lot.

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Nichole said...

Yes the side effects are awful. It is okay to stay on them a little longer if that is what your body needs. And remember to keep talking and work hard not to isolate yourself; which is so easy to do with little ones. When I start to feel depression sinking in I pick up the phone and call my best friend who knows that I deal with depression and anxiety. We usually try to talk once a day if we can just so we can talk through the daily "stuff." We also pray with each other and double check that we are simply okay. Pray, talk, and praise! :)