25 August 2016


The most wonderful and rejuvenating stay-cation came to an end this week, and my spirits were so thoroughly bolstered that I was able to make it through a very painful day with this little Fox without melting down to tears myself.

I know he look adorable, but he is one miserable little man. His emerging teeth are taking years off my life. Or maybe red out of my hair. Or maybe both.

After he was born, I was deliriously happy. I want to have 10 more kids! But now I'm loath to talk about having more babies. Whose teething was worse: Eleanor's or Theodore's? I can't even remember because I've blocked all memories of Eleanor's little gum-shatterers.

Anyway, vacation was a careful balance of chores, fun outings, and relaxing. Matt got some stuff done around the house that'd been bothering him and I finally weeded the extensive flower beds surrounding our new abode; we took a day trip out to the game store we discovered on our sixth anniversary and bought some fun, new toys; we did lots of "sleeping in" (to the extent that parents can ever sleep in), reading, playing in the backyard, and grilling. And I finally perfected my vanilla minty cupcake recipe:

Matt and I went out on a fun date night to a delicious pizza place...

Followed by a "quick" jaunt to a bookstore, which has become a date night tradition of ours (we bought seven or eight books)...

Selfie with the Bro Fox!

And ended at a bar/restaurant that had the most amazing beer called Mackinaw Island Fudge on nitro. It. Was. Amazing. And I don't know how I don't have a picture of that beer. I did, however, manage to take a picture of my new clutch, which I am completely in love with, my first Coach purse.

It retails for $118, but I got it at a friend's garage sale for $15.

We styled the vacation to start and end half-way through the week, leaving us with two short weeks (good morale boosters), plus the vacation didn't have the typical "winding down dread" that most vacations do on Sunday night. The break, simply having Matt home for a few days and being able to get stuff done, both fun and work stuff, was so, so, so needed. Parenting young children can be really draining and this stay-cation is exactly what I needed to rebuild my spirits from the summer and power me through these last few days before school starts.


Anonymous said...

Wait..."Mackinaw Island Fudge" or "Mackinaw Island Fudge on Nitro"? Either sounds incredibly enticing. Also, why is it sometimes Mackinaw and some Mackinac? I was up in the island half my life ago on a trip with my dad and two of my brothers and I LOVED it. But I don't remembered why the name is sometimes different. TB

Matt said...

I think the spelling difference simply comes from the pronunciation. "Mackinac" is the correct spelling, but since it is pronounced Mackinaw folks spell it that way.

Jacqueline said...

The beer is called "Mackinaw Island Fudge" and the bar has it on nitro. It. Is. Amazing. Super smooth, and if you hold it on your tongue for a moment before you swallow it, you get the greatest chocolaty fudge aftertaste. I also looked up the spelling thing and according to the Mackinac Bridge website, Matt is correct.


Anonymous said...

Interesting! My family has pronounced it wrong for years. I had to chuckle at the definitive "however it is spelled, it is always pronounced 'aw'". :-). Your description of the beer reminds me of a stout called Mother's Milk. It has definitely put me in the mood for a delicious libation. I was trying to justify satisfying my craving today with the prospect of making beer bread and Mexican chili with it. Thanks for the info. You guys are such a great team. TB