11 August 2016

Random Updates from the Mom Who Never (Gets to) Sleep

Oh goodness, guys. Theodore, my hunky, chunky Fox has confused his days and his nights.

I've been up with him three to four hours a night for the last...I don't know...it seems like a really long time. It started with him getting up a couple times a night due to teething pain then oversleeping during the day to make up for waking up so much at night. I am one tired zombie mom. After reading from the Dr. Sears Baby Sleep Book (this morning at 4:20am), I have learned he should be napping about three hours per day and I am putting him on a very strict nap schedule. Today will be long and full of grouchies, but I can't handle this no-sleep thing much longer.

Do you remember the iconic midwestern county fair? Well, this year was our niece's first year doing 4H, and she raised bunnies. At the small animal auction, she had a pen of three white bunnies, and Matt was bidding to try to up the price for her and, wait for it ... we won. We won three bunnies at the fair.

She also had a second auction: one black bunny, a last-minute add-on. But there was some confusion between the auctioneer and the lineup and when my niece went up, no one bid! We figured, "What the hell, we've already bought three of them!" So Matt bid and won that bunny.

That bunny was Eleanor's favorite bunny.
The confusion was because another girl didn't show up to auction off her black bunny, and being the same color and breed, it got mixed up with my niece's bunny, and the fair gave us that other black bunny for free! So over the weekend, we accidentally bought five bunnies!

Eleanor was a total natural, and so in love with the bunnies, that I moved her toddler chair into the bunny pen we set up and she just sat with them and petted them for long stretches.

Long story short, all five bunnies are meat bunnies, intended to be eaten for their meat, and while I initially thought I'd never be handle such a thing, after a few days of having five bunnies poop all over my screen room, I realized that I can not handle three kids, one bunny-loving dog, a cat, and five bunnies. So I happily caved to Matt's insistence on turning meat bunnies into meat. Now to work up the courage to cook and eat said meat.

Sigh. Anyway, the girls have incorporated Roxy into their daily play. Their dolls ride "Horse Dog"...

...and play dress up with her.

She is exactly the kind of dog I wanted my kids to grow up with.

Okay, one last thing before I go hunting for the missing turtle puzzle piece Eleanor is clamoring for. My sister-in-law talked me into (intentionally? unintentionally?) resurrecting Sheep & Co and doing a mom to mom sale with her this October. I'm actually really excited about it! I learned so much from having an Etsy shop and from the craft fair disaster of 2013 that I really think I'll do well this time around. I promise to dedicate a post this week or next to chatting all about my way fun plans!

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