08 July 2016

Theodore Hates Food

Mini blog post! Since I have lots to say, but no time, I'm going to shoot for lots of short posts. Maybe one per day?

Theodore, at 7.5 months, is still exclusively breastfed. He hates solids.

I give him a little bit every other day or so, sometimes fruit, sometimes baby cereal mixed with a bit of breastmilk. He hates it all, but I would say we started at a -5 and now we're up to a -3. I don't mind other than the fact that nursing a 20 lb baby turns me into a bottomless pit. I'm always hungry. When I restrict my calories below 2300 (or even stick to 2300 for a few days in a row), I'll get headaches from my blood sugar dropping too low. I'm always hungry for meat, especially beef. Nothing ever sounds as good as a big, juicy burger. I don't want any measly side dishes, I would rather have two burgers than one burger and some fries.

I'm also constantly thirsty. Beef, beef, beef, water, water, water, beef, water, coffee. Coffee, coffee, sleep. These are the only things I crave right now. And Abigail has just run downstairs with something she stole from Eleanor, who is now screaming at the top of her lungs and I just put Theodore down for a nap, so I must run.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's the bib...have you tried feeding him in a blue bib? ;-) ;-) Do you lose weight while breastfeeding? It seems my body holds onto every calorie while breastfeeding, and I too, am hungry all the time. TB

Anonymous said...

It occurs to me that no one should ever be asked that question, except perhaps in private conversation -forget I ever asked it! TB

Allison said...

Have you tried baby led weaning? My baby hated to be spoon fed food, however, the minute she got in control of how she got to eat she didn't stop. She was a big fan of pouch food, you can easily buy a sili squeeze or similar reusable one if you hate the waste of them, and tiny bite size food. My doctor was also huge into baby led weaning which was a plus. I know not everyone is into giving their baby chunks of food though. It's funny how every baby is so different and what works for one doesn't work for another.