11 July 2016

Post Pregnancy

In reference to the comments on my last post...
Actually TB, I thought your comment would make for a great new post topic and planned to write this today, Monday. I have no problem blogging about body image and weight loss while breastfeeding as I find other people's journeys very fascinating!

I have kept track of exactly how much weight I gained for all three of my pregnancies (full term ones, anyway, I didn't gain weight with the baby we lost) and how long it has taken me to lose it. I lose almost nothing the first week. Seriously, I lose the same number of pounds as the baby weighed and that's it. When I get home from the hospital, I'm furious. What about the placenta, the amniotic fluid?! This is so unfair! Then over the next three weeks, 20 pounds falls off without trying. Trying to take the rest of the weight off is like trying to move a dresser across a carpeted bedroom by myself: it takes all my energy to make practically no progress. With an easy-squeezy pregnancy like the one I had with Eleanor, where I only gained 29 pounds, it's not a big deal. But things are so hard post-Theodore.

I weigh the exact same now as I did when Theodore was four weeks old. The exact same. So when he was about five months old, I got serious. For weeks, I was diligent about counting my calories, I walked Roxy two miles every morning, I did an hour of Zumba (my sister-in-law and I go together) once a week, and I clocked 20 minutes on a rowing machine a few times a week. My blood sugar was always bottoming out, I constantly had a headache, and I had no energy. I had lost several inches around my waist and was out of my maternity clothes, but when I weighed myself, the scale had not budged one half of a pound. So I flipped out and rebelled. I ate whatever I wanted, the whole family got sick and I missed several weeks of Zumba, I only walked Roxy a few times a week, and I forgot about the rowing machine. After a few weeks, I sheepishly got back on the scale. The same damn number greeted me.

I'm way heavier than I want to be, but soooo many fellow breastfeeding moms have told me that they retain the weight when they are nursing and it drops when the wean, so that's where I'm pinning my hopes. I have no idea what my body does when I stop nursing because I got pregnant with Theodore the very week my milk dried up with Eleanor. I am trying hard to stop worrying about how I look and just focusing on building up muscle tone and making good exercise habits. My goal is to take a daily 2 mile walk with Roxy, work out weekly at a Zumba class, and mix in a few other workouts at home (rowing machine, kettlebell workout, etc) when it's convenient.

Ugh, it's very frustrating, especially after I bounced back so quickly after Eleanor. It's definitely a lesson in learning to love myself! Anyway, Theodore has just woken up from his nap, so I guess this is goodbye for now!

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Amelia Bentrup said...

I always hold onto weight while breastfeeding until my cycles return (between 1 - 1.5 years with all of mine so far.) Once my cycle comes back, I feel more normal and lose weight easier, even though I typically breasteed until age 3.