07 July 2016


They say, "If two kids takes up all your time, three kids can't take up any more!" Or one to two. Or three to four. Or four to five. And that's true, on the one hand. But on the other, three kids do take up more time. Or maybe it's that a baby takes up more time? Or maybe I'm spending my time doing other things? Matt got a subscription to the Wall Street Journal and the National Review and I'm totally loving it. I'm not sure.

Life is good, but full, ya know? Like going for a walk in the morning air - before it gets too hot and humid - slather all four of us in sunscreen, strap Theodore into the Ergo, get Abigail's shoes on (Eleanor puts on her own now), get both girls strapped into the stroller, grab sunglasses for Eleanor and I (Abigail refuses to wear sunglasses), load up water, doggy poop bags, keys, cell phone, garage door opener, get Roxy's leash on, get my shoes on. It takes about 20 minutes to get out the door for a walk. And it's gorgeous - the sun is shining, the air smells amazing, there's bunnies and chipmunks and robins and pretty flowers and the girls are stoked to point them all out. Theodore is so content I think he's asleep, Roxy defends us from a squirrel she is certain was about to attack. It's lovely and we all come home in a better mood. But it took me 20 minutes of work to get us out the door. And then I was pushing nearly 100 pounds, holding back 85 pounds, and wearing 20 pounds. It's a lotta work. It's good, and it's worth it, but it's still a lotta work, ya know?

I do have lots of things to blog about, like how I'm terrified it might be time to talk to the doctor about weaning off my antidepressents. Or how Theodore outgrew his bassinet - one of the only two places in which he would fall asleep - and I had to transition him to the crib. And how he's become a very, very clingy baby, maybe even my clingiest, but he's so gosh darn cute and gives me this adorable smile all the time.

And I crocheted these fun little ice creams to go with Eleanor's favorite book and she loved them with her whole little heart for, like, 3 hours, and now she totally doesn't care.

Or the story behind this little baby bunny I found on a morning walk with Roxy.

Or how we got to see our city's fireworks display from our backyard and Roxy was barking her protective bark at the fireworks. And we started back up with equine therapy for the summer and the instructor thinks Abigail is really bright and will do amazing things in life.

And even really little things, like how I took the kids to Meijer for a few things and I let the girls pick out horse figurines. Abigail held on to hers and imaginative plays with it in a way that she doesn't with any other toy. And Eleanor fed hers popcorn and carried around the two horses and their two pieces of cheesy popcorn all day because "Horsey eating popcorn, Mommy."

No news is good news in this case. Long, full days of hard, but good, work.

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