27 July 2016

Fixin' My Wagon

Today I am rocking it. Theodore slept in this morning and I seized the opportunity to do the dishes, wipe down the counters and the table with a special cleaner, tidy up the entire house, sweep the floors, vacuum the basement and three bedrooms, and get dinner is in the slow cooker.

Yesterday after I blogged, I felt restless and needed to do something. I hoped online to remind myself that a three kid stroller is not financially possible right now and stumbled across wagons. In a blur of decisiveness, I found one that looked good, remembered I'd seen something similar at Sams' Club, called the location nearest me to discover they had it in stock, and piled up the kids. The first stop was for french fries and coffee because food makes kids happy and iced coffee makes mommy happy.

Pro tip: ask for empty small cups and put the french fries and chicken in the cup to keep the car cleaner.

Back on the road, blaring the Christian radio jams, I told the girls we were "going shopping to buy a new walk." I love Sam's Club because all three kids fit in the cart and I still have some space to fit groceries.

 We got home and tested it out:

I added a few embellishments: an infinity scarf tied to the side to wrap around Theodore and give him some stability, a backpack hooked to the back with carabiner clips to lug gear *cough*diapers*cough,* Roxy's collapsible water bowl with carabiners, and a Mommy Hook just in case. I also tried to jerry-rig a canopy, but it didn't work out so well. I'll try again today. Anyway, by the time I finished, Matt was home, so we had dinner and went for an evening stroll before bed.

It worked out quite well, the kids loved it, Roxy was no more anxious around it than she is around the double stroller, and I didn't have to wear anyone in the 1,000,000 degree heat. It's my goal to get out for walks twice a day in hopes of relieving family-wide grouchies.

It'll be nice to go from this:

to this:

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