24 June 2016


It has been a very long and draining week for someone very close to me. Everyone is out of the woods, but if you could offer up a few prayers for a special intention for that person, I would greatly appreciate it.

It's been a bit of a long week for me too. Eleanor fell off the changing table while climbing down and now has a giant goose egg on her head and Theodore woke up from his morning nap with a fever. All three kids are sick. I did some very short notice babysitting and while I was happy to be of service, after caring for eight children ten and under, I was a bit drained. And while it's never fun when you're having one of those weeks where you can't remember when you last showered and are washing vomit off throw pillows, I think I really needed a good "kick in the pants" week. I've been struggling with summer sloth lately, and having extra people to care for and having my kids be extra needy meant I got stuff done. Suddenly I found the energy to sweep and Swiffer the floors so the crawlers wouldn't pick up dog hair. I did the dishes everyday so that I would have enough cups for everyone. I even trimmed my super shaggy bangs because I needed to do something to spiff up my appearance and it was quicker than a shower.

I'm glad I'm the type of person people can call when they are in a pinch.

Poor, sick baby.

"Abigail horsey!" "No, Abigail, no horsey. She's a dog."

Matt and I have a bet going as to whether she breaks a bone before she's three. We call her Mountain Goat Chubs because she's always climbing things.

This is how I know they're mine.

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