31 May 2016

A Few Quick Takes

1. Matt and I have been watching a tv show in Netflix, and last Friday evening, we stayed up way late and totally binged. Matt was sick with our gluttony and confessed that he was tv-ed out, so I proposed a Netflix/tv fast for the rest of the holiday weekend. We abided by the plan through til Monday night and opted to read books instead.

It was glorious.

I am back on track to finish 24 books this year - shooting for two books per month - and I got caught up on my past National Geographics. It was nice and peaceful and I felt calmer and more focused. I fantasized about our house being an electronic-free oasis where we can raise our kids without fear that they're accessing morally questionable material. I had visions of only using the Internet at the library and never watching television. It's not going to happen, and in the fresh air of the day, I'm not even sure I want it to. We need to teach our kids discipline and staying true to their morals, not shelter them so they never learn to protect themselves. But it was nice for a weekend, so I realized it's probably more reasonable to take regular fasts from electronics instead.

2. I'm a big fan of year-round school, and for public-schooled, 5-year-old Abigail, right now that looks like religious ed for preschoolers over the summer.

I chose this curriculum because it promised lots of singing and crafts, offered a lot of alternatives that I might need to make things more accessible for a special needs child (marshmallows instead of beads), and uses the ABCs to introduce Catholic teaching and Abigail already knows and loves her ABCs. It arrived today and I'm impressed with what I see. I plan to start "doing school" two days per week while Theodore is taking his morning nap. I'll include Eleanor as best as I can, she's a pretty smart cookie and will probably learn quite a bit. We'll start in two weeks, when public school lets out.

3. Abigail will also be starting back up with equine therapy one day per week come June. Gross motor is the weakest category for her and horseback riding is a great way to build up the core.

Abigail in 2015
Abigail never forgot a number of commands, including, "Trot, Trot" followed by a tongue click. She also remembers the little song I would sing when we were getting ready to ride and that we took a windy rural road to get there. She's going to love being back and it's going to be a struggle keeping Eleanor from throwing a tantrum because she can't ride too.

4. I started working on a daily schedule for the summer, including daily Mass once a week, and a women's Bible study and once-a-week Zumba class for me. I want chore time, outdoor time, story time, and prayer time everyday, and I'm even allotting "movie time" once a week during Theodore's afternoon nap so that I can either play catch up or work on bigger projects. I am trying hard to keep the schedule fairly loose though, because I've been having a hard time staying on track since we bought a house.

We got a kiddie pool a week or two ago and so far, it is a huge hit. Roxy is obsessed with water and loves being splashed, so it's pretty much a match made in heaven.

5. It turns out we have a ton of mosquitoes in our little city backyard and poor Eleanor has a huge reaction to the itchy bugs. She was bitten right between the eyes and her right eye swelled up quite large. The next day, she tripped and fell in the kitchen and split her lip open, which then also swelled. Between the eye and the lip, she looked like she'd been in a fight, so I started calling her Fight Club. I teased her, "Do you wear your sparkly shoes to fight club?" "Do you take your kitty or horse stuffed animal to fight club?"

6. Theodore is now six months old. He is still a fun, lazy, chill kind of guy. He's so lazy, in fact, that he can only roll over from his back to his stomach and he can't sit by himself yet. He can sorta scoot backward when he's on his stomach, but only in the same way that grass grows: so slowly that you can see it if you stare at him the whole time.

I am not worried in the least, because my mommy gut says that everything is fine. My mommy gut also insists that he's not ready for solids yet, so I'm still the sole nourisher of his 20 pounds worth of hunky man-ness. I feel like I could eat pounds of meat at every meal. He wakes up once per night to nurse, I sleep wonderfully in bed while he sleeps next to me in his bassinet, and I am still certain that babies are the greatest thing on earth.

7. I reopened my Etsy Shop. I sell hair clippies now. 3 clips for $8 and $1 shipping. So you get three clips for less than $10.

I bought some like these from a friend-of-a-friend and while I loved them, they were outrageously expensive. I wanted more colors and styles, so I bought supplies to make them myself and had so much leftover that I decided to make up a few trios and sell them.

I also have special Avengers and Frozen clips.

I created a special blog readers only coupon code for you guys! Type in "JourneyNarrative" at check out to get $1 off your order, good until July 1, 2016. $1 off is like getting free shipping or getting 12.5% off, however you want to think of it. They were just a fun little project that I love using on my girls.

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