26 April 2016

This Blog

Sometimes the best part of blogging are the posts that don't get written. I spent two hours this afternoon writing and rewriting a blog post again and again in my head. There were sink boat metaphors and close readings of old cliches. I wrote and I thought for the entire afternoon and I ended up with no words to publish. Mostly insights into my marriage that were not really "blast on the Internet" -able and thoughts on my personal sins that are rather boring to read. I wrote them all while staring at my freshly polished dining room table in my finally clean dining room. It's a small beauty that reminded me that my family suffers when I neglect the mundane.

I reflected and meditated and prayed. And in the end, I didn't not have a blog post. But I had some serious insights into some very important things. I wouldn't have them if it wasn't for this blog. So I thank you for existing. That alone has helped me.

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