10 April 2016

23 Months

Eleanor is exactly 23 months today. In one short month, she will officially be a 2-year-old. Sometimes when she runs across the room, I see a little girl instead of a baby.

She knows her full name, how old she is, she can count to 10, she (mostly) knows her ABCs, she can climb out of her crib, speak in (copious) complete sentences, run, jump, and follow three-step commands. She has opinions about what she wears, preferences when it comes to toys, and sob hysterically on command. She weighs 23 pounds and is 33 inches tall.

When Abigail was 23 months old, she was 5 days away from taking her first steps. She knew a handful of signs. She weighed about 18 pounds and was about 30 inches tall.

 photo IMG_9024_zps5a37b7ad.jpg

 photo IMG_9005_zpsc3e44106.jpg

The two girls are so very different at the same age, it's hard to comprehend. I thought it would be really difficult to watch things come so easily to Eleanor when Abigail struggled so. But it's not.

"Whenever Eleanor first hits a new milestone, I just kind of stare at her awestruck. Every time it's another moment to thank God for the incredible genius that is a healthy human body.
And every day that I see Abigail struggle through another milestone is another moment to thank God for the incredible fight and resilience He endowed in the human mind."

I am so thankful to have both little girls in my life.

*Note: "Trot trot" followed by a tongue click means "run." Abigail learned it in horseback riding therapy and taught it to Eleanor. Now they shout it whenever the other one runs.

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