02 March 2016

Busy Life

I have not made one iota of progress on the office since my last post. I never crocheted a seat cushion for the old kitchen chair, rehung the picture that fell, or even grabbed a box of tissues to keep in there. My life is so very full, I scarcely even have time to blog!

Cost of supplies:
-I spent $16.80 on spray paint, two rollers, and some face masks at Meijer. Meijer is an expensive place to buy supplies, and I really don't recommend it.
-Then I spent $9.49 on two more cans of spray paint, two paint tray liners, and two latex gloves at Ace Hardware.
-Next came another $18 at Ace for white paint
-$2.12 at Meijer went to poster board for a finger painting project the girls and I did to hang on the wall. (We already had washable finger paint.)
-Lastly, I spent $21 at Target on a lamp. The total comes to $67.41. Our budget was $50, but I stayed true to my word and took the additional $17.41 out of my freespending allowance money.

So I have the three little ones, plus chores in this humongous house (1471 square feet!) take longer, and then I’ve been filling up my free time watching GOP debates, crocheting, and reading all the Cesar Millan books I can get my hands on because I desperately want a dog. Plus I am hosting Easter next month for 23 people and I’ve started planning the menu, Easter egg hunt, and a family-wide game that will appeal to everyone in the 3 month to 64 year age range I’ve got. (Okay, Theodore can’t really play, but I think even Abigail, Eleanor, and their similarly young cousins will have fun too.)

Plus I am still juggling some of the “new house” things, like I never got a sticker for my license for our new address, which means I can’t request Theodore’s birth certificate. We’ve been having some trouble with the electricity in some rooms, so we need to have an electrician out, and I still need to get a towel rack for the bathroom. I wonder what other moms do: do they take all of their kids with them to get their hair cut and stand in line at the Secretary of State’s office? What I’ve been doing is waiting till Abigail goes to school and then run one errand per day in the 1.5 hour time gap between her leaving and Eleanor’s nap. It’s slow, especially with all these snow days preventing me from going anywhere.

My life is full of very good things. Some days I feel like I will never get anything done and will never do anything I want again. Other days, I feel like I am kicking butt and taking names. (Today is more the latter). I am reminded of those Toyota commercials where the parents are too busy out living to be online. I am so happy that my life keeps moving in these amazing directions that are keeping me off the Internet.

Blogging would be a higher priority if it were easier to get my computer online. Long story short, my wireless card is broken and the router is not in a convenient place to blog.

Shall we continue with some photos? In the absence of writing words, I have been snapping pictures. Everyone was sick and the girls were both craving attention, so after Theodore was done with the Ergo, I put him down and wore both the girls. 51 pounds of kid.

I love that hightops are “in” right now! I still have the greatest shoes on earth: rainbow sequin hightops with purple sparkly laces, which fit Eleanor now. But I also found some navy and white polka dot high tops for Abigail for a mere $13 at Sam’s Club!

I chopped Abigail’s hair off myself! She looks way cute with short hair, plus it’s easier to care for. She hates having her hair brushed, plus she has a bad habit of chewing on her hair, so one side is always ragged. Short hair is better all around, and I bought some barber sheers and did it myself this time. I need some more practice, but she's too little to care right now that The left side is a little longer than the right side ; D

Theodore is definitely my biggest baby, but he's only 60th percentile, so he's not much bigger than most boy babies his age. Everyone has a different opinion about if he looks like Matt or like me. He actually reminds me a lot of a cousin of mine. It's pretty strange recognizing your extended family in your children.

These two are best friends.

She absolutely dotes on him, insists on helping me pick him up, carry his carseat, wipe his face, change his diaper. She scoots his Rock n' Sleeper over to her chair at the kitchen table so she can talk to him while she eats, she dances for him, she reads books to him. And he loves her back. He searches for her when he hears her voice, he smiles at her, he stops crying when I prop him up so he can see Abigail.

It's exactly how she was with Eleanor, except now she's old enough to do more. I'm always wondering what the kids will be when they grow up, and that questions is a little more complicated with Abigail, obviously. She so nurturing and so desires to be helpful. Plus she loves books. I wonder if she'll work in a library. Maybe she can work in the children's area, reading books during story time. Maybe she'll work in a hospital, helping in the maternity ward on the NICU. Maybe she'll be an aide in a day care, snuggling with the babies. For now I'm just going to do everything I can to support their lovey little relationship.

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