14 March 2016

5 Minute Monday

I have typed up and deleted two blog posts over the course of several interrupted hours. So here goes, five minutes of my thoughts and then I'm hitting "publish."

I'm struggling. With my selfish desires - I want to read! I want to crochet! - with house projects - I want to install the GCFI outlet! I want to vacuum the basement! - and with the budget - But I want a bigger car! But I want to fence in the backyard! But my computer is dying! I'm struggling with the baby weight - I need to loose weight! He's only three months old!

My house is wonderful, my life is going very smoothly. Apartment Jacqueline would be happy to have these new problems. I am frustrated with myself for spending too much time obsessing over the wrong. I struggle with relaxing, laying back, enjoying the day-to-dayness of life. I need to learn to balance the time spent cleaning and working on projects with time spent enjoying the moment. I need to learn to regulate my anger when I don't get to work on something I wanted to do. With each new life responsibility (a house and a baby), I am going to have less and less daily me-time, as I spend more and more time after the kids go to bed finishing up chores, etc.

Five minutes is up. I deleted a paragraph two times and tried to rewrite it. I am struggling with petty, frivolous first world problems, and I don't know how to stop the ridiculousness.


Anonymous said...

It's Passion Week! We're in the bottleneck of Lent leading up to the Triduum! The spiritual battles intensify! TB

Kindra said...

Just because they may be first-world problems does not make them less real for you.

May you have many moments of peace and joy. :)