15 February 2016

Yay, Routine!

We've been settled in to our new house for about two weeks, but now I have finally created a new daily schedule and gotten back into meal planning, so our days finally have a reliable routine. I thought it would be nice taking a break from the schedule, working and relaxing as desired, but, spoiler alert: it wasn't. There was no clean laundry, the unplanned dinners were lame, I was frustrated when the kids' bedtime came and I still had a giant list of chores to finish before the day was out. Our first day back on a schedule and by the time Matt came home from work, chores were done, I was happy, and life was peaceful. I love schedules: I get chores done, time with the kids, and time to myself.

Especially time with this one, who has become very clingy in the last few weeks, going from willingly napping alone to refusing to nap without me.

I always wear him in the morning now, throughout chores and playtime, switching between the ring sling and the Ergo depending on my mood.

One of our final days in the apartment.

The girls are still in love with the house, running up and down the hall, darting from room to room like one of those cartoons where the characters run in the first door, but come out the second door.

A return to stability means a return to dress up, baking, and all-around silliness.


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