16 February 2016

The Next Project: A Basement Office

Now that we're all settled in and back to a routine, I'm ready to take on a new project. My project? A basement office on on shoestring budget.

Matt often has to work on the weekends, and right now that looks like this: 

As you probably guessed, he doesn't get as much work done as he wants, and he often has to work from the girls' bedtime to our bedtime in order to get anywhere close to his weekly goals. The kids and I interrupt him throughout all his weekend work time because we are excited to have him home. He needs a quiet place to work or sooner or later he's going to have to start heading into the office.

Our basement is half finished and half unfinished, separated by a masonry wall and a huge door that locks from both sides.

The kids aren't allowed in the unfinished half and the door is kid proof, so we decided it was the perfect place for him to work. This way he'll be able to work from home and be productive. Right now the cobweb-filled space has dirty concrete floors and open rafters. Here's a fabulous before photo:

Matt said he doesn't care how it looks, but I really want to give him a better space. I think once it's all done, he'll realize it was worth it. Our shoestring budget is a whooping $50. Anything over the $50 will come out of my own personal free spending money. For the last week, when I'm up nursing Theodore at night, I've been brainstorming ideas and prioritizing them for budget purposes. I am hopefully that I'll be able to convince Theodore to nap alone when Eleanor naps, which happens to fall when Abigail is in school. With no kids for a good two hours, I should be able to make excellent progress without taking time away from the regular daily schedule.

So far I've spent $16 of our $50 on supplies:

-Face masks
-Rollers to paint the walls
-Spray paint for the ceiling

Abigail had Monday off, so I brought her downstairs with me and set her up at our old kitchen table/Matt's new desk with the tablet while I got some work done. First up: cleaning. I swept out the rafters, swept the walls, and swept the floor. Then I measured out a space, making sure to include an outlet and a window. His office measures 8.5 feet by 10 feet, and I outlined it with masking tape.

Since, obviously, putting up a proper ceiling is out of the budget, I decided to paint the rafters "Dark Walnut." The previous homeowners did the same thing in the laundry room and the basement bathroom and it looks really nice - You don't even notice the exposed tubes and ugly rafters. I opted for spray paint, which I thought would be easier than painting over my head with a brush. It is. So the third thing I did on Monday was to start painting. I opened a window to the subzero temps (with windchill) and plugged in a fan. I finished about a quarter of the ceiling when I ran out of paint, and after 1.5 hours of playing quietly by herself, Abigail was done with the basement.

I have lots of ideas, but I'll reveal them as we go, since some will have to be cut due to money. My goal is to finish by next Monday. Then I'll be on to my next project, the girls' Easter present. It's going to be awesome : )

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