06 February 2016

I Love My House and My Life

I apologize for my lack of blogging and for my pathetic follow through on promises of future posts. In this case no news is simply...IT related. You see, the wireless card in my "vintage" computer died many moons ago and the router (or modem - whichever it is that I have to manual plug my computer in to) is not in a convenient place for my computer to be located during the day. So I can only blog in the evening after the kids go down. But I usually have some work to do around the house, so by the time I finally settle down for the night, I'm too exhausted bother with getting online.

BUT...I am happy. Very, truly, deeply happy. I love my house. I love having a little newborn baby around again. I love being downtown. I love plodding down the carpeted stairs to my cozy basement, plopping down on my super-comfy sofa while the girls run around and play. I love coming home through the back door, the first thing I see is the subway tile backsplash and the roses Matt bought me just because. I love watching the girls run up and down the hallway to each other's rooms. I love watching the cat lose traction and skid sideways across the hardwood floors when she runs. I love sitting in my rocking chair, nursing Theodore, and imagining what the kids' memories will be of growing up in this house. I feel safe, secure, and blessed. Really, really blessed. This hardy, well-kept house that we live in with the quality kitchen and the new roof. Two reliable cars tucked away in a sound garage. Windows that don't let in moisture and warm water on demand. Every plank of wood in the floor, brick around the fireplace, well-kept tile in the bathroom is a reminder of this amazing gift God gave me. Everything is so new and so exciting - it is easy to remember to give thanks over and over throughout the day.

I am still working on settling into a new schedule during the day and fitting in all the new house chores, so I am rather inefficient during the day. When combined with house projects (like rehabbing a second dresser for Eleanor!), I am so tired at the end of every day! I have so much to say though, so I will be making a greater effort to blog.

Oh, I am so happy. So very picture-perfect, no-one-rock-the-boat, too-good-to-be-true happy. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, thank you.

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