17 February 2016

Ceiling Blehs

Written on Tuesday, published on Wednesday.

I am pettily and selfishly mad at the whole world, so I have vehemently plopped my lazy tuchus on the couch and decided that if I blog, it counts as being productive. Because there is no way I'm finishing up all the things on the schedule I didn't do today. Because I'm mad at the schedule too.

Abigail was at school and Eleanor was asleep. I nursed Theodore until he was a limp little baby noodle and snuggled him in his Rock n' Sleeper. I then waited a few minutes to be sure everyone was asleep and headed downstairs to work on Matt's office. Last night I had run up to the local hardware store for more paint and a few other supplies, spending another $9 of our budget.

I figured three cans total would be sufficient and I was excited to finish the rafters.

I sprayed and sprayed and sprayed and sprayed. Misty clouds of spray paint hovered around my head and the air reeked and I was only half way done when I ran out of paint again. I was angry and frustrated. I wasn't getting good coverage, hard-to-reach places weren't getting any coverage, the can didn't want to spray upside down, and I had a very hard time getting paint off my skin. And at that rate, I was going to spend our whole budget on ceiling paint!

Angry and looking to make some progress, I decided to hold off on the ceiling and paint the walls for now. The sellers had left us a shelf of various cans of paint - some colors aren't even in this house - and I have been planning to use those random cans on the walls. I was scrounging around when I found It. A nearly full can of the same black the sellers used on the laundry room and bathroom ceiling! Adios, spray paint! My neck and shoulders are more sore, but it is definitely worth it. I'm getting great coverage with only one coat (which is good because I don't have enough paint for two coats), the brush fits in hard-to-reach places, and I can wash splotches off my skin.

I know the cardinal rule of construction(-ish) projects: It's going to take twice as long and cost twice as much as you plan. But I figured this was simple! I had planned to finish the ceiling on Monday, but it looks like I won't finish until Wednesday (I'm about 60% done as of Tuesday night). Oh, I have so much to learn.

I cleaned up and returned to the main floor to discover that Theodore was screaming his little head off and had woken up Eleanor from her nap. The two fussed and whined and complained until Abigail got home. Everyone calmed down after some food and a few upbeat songs.

We snuggled a bit on the couch until Foxy Man, overly tired from his stinky naps, started loosing his cool again. He was all:

So I'd pick him up and bounce him until he calmed down. Then Eleanor would be all:

So I'd put Theodore down and snuggle with Eleanor until he cried. Then I'd put her down and snuggle with him until she cried. Then I tried to snuggle them both at the same time and they both cried. So I tried ignore them both and taking pictures with Abigail.

But the constant, needless crying was draining me fast.

 I decided Theodore had the more valid complaint, so I focused my attention on him.

Eleanor laid on the floor, shoving her book under the Rock n' Sleeper, then sobbing because the Rock n' Sleeper was touching her book, but at least Theodore was happy. Until he wasn't.

I finally gave up. "Who wants ice cream?!" I asked with forced cheerfulness. The girls looked at me in disbelief, but I hopped up, changed Theodore's diaper, and put my boots on. "Come on! Boots and coats and ice cream!" Eleanor ran to get her boots and Abigail ran into Eleanor's room shouting, "No!" I spent a good seven minutes trying to get Abigail ready, but she kept running away and ripping her coat off. I was hauling Eleanor and Theodore to the car when Matt got home. I'd planned to head back inside and drag Abigail out once I got them buckled, but Matt offered to stay home with her. I drove, Theodore slept, and Eleanor was happy. I used some coupons that made the outing totally free, we happily ate our ice cream, and we happily drove home. Although I felt a bit guilty and weak for giving in to an outing so quickly when we left, I now felt calm and in control of my faculties. Until I walked in the door and Matt informed me that Abigail had a very hard time and had gone completely nonverbal. She was an anxious mess and stayed that way until she went to bed. She thinks I left her. She knows we got ice cream without her. She looked for some when I got home, but i didn't bring any back for her. Cue Guilt! So now I am plopped on the couch, frustrated with my crappy parenting skills. And to top it all off, I feel hugely fat with all this baby weight that is not coming off because restricting calories while nursing is hard and then I go and stress eat ice cream. Bleh, bleh, bleh. I am so over today, but so not ready for tomorrow, when I will be single-handedily covering bedtime. So bleh, bleh, phooy on today and the lame-o ceiling and the lame-o sob fests.


Diane said...

Parenting 3 little ones is hard. You did your best at the time. No need for guilt although it's easy to say that and almost impossible to do!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are perfect. Esp Theodore's face in the last one. :-) TB