05 January 2016


If only all the blog posts I write in my head could be teleported to my computer without my fingers.

My days are long, good, and productive, but busy. Very busy. My scattered minutes throughout the day do not translate well to a blog post. My writing is better when I can dedicate a chunk of time to it. Perhaps I should do Five Minute Friday posts a few times a week, eh?

An Eleanor at rest...tends to never stay at rest for long.

I have lots of good news to report. After two weeks of a really, terrible cold, Theodore has finally recovered. We are closing on our house this coming Monday. Abigail is switching to the afternoon session of preschool, which runs right over the two little ones' naptimes. Which means I'll get two hours of kid-free time Monday-Thursday in which to make dinner and/or take a nap myself. I am quite delighted.

Hey look, he actually looks kind of happy about his...doting...sisters in this picture!

I am very excited about the new house. I will be packing up, moving car loads over, and unpacking over the course of two weeks, then we'll have family and friends with large vehicles out on the 23rd to help us move all the furniture. This will save us money (we can reuse boxes and don't have to rent a uHaul), will me easier on me (packing the entire apartment with three little ones would be...difficult), we won't have to live among boxes, and the girls will get to see their stuff slowly transition over which will hopefully make the move easier for them.

Yay, our own house! With backyard! And basement!

I am absolutely aching to be in my own house! I keep thinking of how awesome it will be to make dinner in my new kitchen, how I'll remember to switch the laundry when the washer and dryer are in the basement, when I want to separate the girls into their own rooms (their sleep schedules are too different to keep in the same room right now), where we can score a cheap couch for the basement, where I can put my crafting stuff, how I'm going to organize my for-real pantry (eak!), how fun it'll be to shovel my very own sidewalk among the softly falling white powder. Ugh - it's so hard to wait!

Cat will finally have space to hide!
This will be my 20th move. 20 moves in 29 years. At least I finally settled down before I hit my 30s. I graduated college, wrote a book, had three kids, and bought a house in my 20s. I'm good with that.

 It was 20-something degrees outside and I wore a tank top. Because one never stops moving when one has three kids.
I really, really, really feel like I'm living out my vocation. Raising a family. In a house. I feel so fulfilled. And exhausted. But at peace.

And like a bad-ass. Because I managed three kids at the doctor's office today.

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