15 January 2016

Sneak Peaks

What do you like to do seven weeks after giving birth? I like to shovel my driveway!

Nothing like a good workout high to...leave you incredibly sore the next day. I go out to the house nearly every day with a load to unpack. As much as I'm incredibly tired and sore, standing in the living room of my very own house is a pretty intense natural mood booster. I always take a man with me to help me with the heavy lifting. And by that, I mean, be the heavy thing I need to lift.

I've got a few more pictures today! I'll post photos as we bring in and unpack things. No house picture is more boring than a big, empty room. First up: the living room! A large wood burning fireplace overlooks big, open area with huge picture window and not much wall space, although I did find a place to put the bookshelves. It took a few trips, but I did finally get them all unpacked and organized. We could have used a sixth shelf.

The kitchen is my favorite room in the house with its subway tile backsplash, granite countertops, white cabinetry, and high-contrast floor and door handles.

Whenever I go out to the house, I take a few moments to plan out how I'd like to organize my counter space. My ideal kitchen needs four "stations:" a cooking prep area, where you put the spices, chop veggies, that sort of thing; a baking prep area, where you measure and mix ingredients; a place to put dirty dishes; and a space for hot items to cool.

I wouldn't normally go for open cabinetry, but since I have it, I decided to use it to show off some of my favorite pieces. We also have a large built-in in the back of the kitchen, a feature Matt really loved.

Off that little hallway is the door to the screen porch (!), a half bathroom, a pantry, and the basement stairs. I have big plans to use the pantry as an appliance pantry: a place to store the blender, George Forman, the slow cooker - things that are large and awkward and don't belong in the cabinet. That basket on the floor? It's a laundry shoot that leads directly to the laundry room in the basement.

So the house was built in the 1950s, and just the right amount of stuff was updated: the kitchen, the windows, the roof; and just the right amount of stuff was left original: the fireplaces, the wood floors. Except, my friends, the bathrooms. The tile work in the bathrooms is original.

Blue cast-iron tub, anyone? And the half bath? It's just so fabulous that I can't show it all to you at once. I might overwhelm you with its amazing '50s-ness...

The inspector noted that the tile and - yes, original - floors are in amazing shape and after a few visits, the quirky bathrooms are really starting to grow on me. I'm actually thinking that when the time comes to redo the bathrooms, I might leave the floors and tile the way they are! Sinks, cabinetry, and paintwork can be done to complement the epicness that is 1950s milky blue and 1950s butter yellow.

Okay, I have just one room left for you today: the finished half of the basement. Right now that half is the Kid Crazy Zone where a few dozen ballpit balls and a basket of stuffed animals keeps the girls entertained while I work upstairs.

Oh! Swoon, swoon swoon! I could talk about this house for pages and pages, I love it so! For now, I shall leave it at this. Our weekend projects include touching up paint, installing kid-railing on the open side of the stairs, and turning one of the bedrooms back into a bedroom (the homeowners used it as a huge walk-in closet). I've never been so excited to "lose" a weekend to housework : )

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Anonymous said...

Those bathrooms are amazing for having built in the 50's! What a pretty house! We're still in an apartment, but our tub is nearly-neon yellow. Butter yellow and blue look GREAT to me! :-) the laundry shoot and the built in bench are awesome as well. And the table that seats 8, with kid benches, is fabulous. Congratulations! TB