31 January 2016

House: Week 1

We're settled in our new house! It took us an entire week to get the Internet hooked up - it was a very interested week for me having three kids and no Internet outlet to connect to the outside world; reading Matt's Wall Street Journal became a daily addiction for me - but the chaos of late wouldn't have provided me many opportunities for blogging anyway.

I finished unpacking the very last box on Monday evening at about 10pm. Then, on Tuesday evening at about 9:15pm, Abigail came down with the stomach flu. Almost exactly 24 hours after we moved in. Of course, the flu made its rounds, saving only Theodore its wrath. Then, on the second 24 hours of my 48 hour flu, I came down with another dreaded sickness. Drum roll, please...Mastitis. Yes, my fourth case of mastitis among two children. The cherry on top was the milk bleb that formed on that side as well. In laymen's terms, I had an infection in my milk ducts and a milk blister on the nipple. And milk blebs/blisters are excruciatingly painful to nurse through. And I don't use that term - excruciatingly - lightly; this coming from the woman who checked into the hospital at 7cm dilated and was later told by the nurses they didn't think I could be that far along because I didn't look like I was in enough pain. For Goodness-freakin'-sake. So every 2-3 hours all night last night, I got up, nursed Theodore on the good side, apply a hot compress to the affected side, pumped, cleaned the equipment, fed Theodore the bottle of pumped milk, set an alarm, and fell back asleep.


In the last two months, I've given birth, moved five people from an apartment to a house, contracted the stomach flu, and gotten mastitis.

In the last 12 months, I've been in a car accident, bought two cars, bought a house, had my husband have a job change, had a baby, and moved five people into a house.

I really, really, really want my life to be incredibly boring for the next six months.


The girls love House, as they call it, running across the floor from their bedrooms to the living room, losing a hour or two a day to the way fun basement. When, of course, they aren't vomiting their guts up. I love cooking in my new kitchen and I've been practicing making donuts in the donut pans I got for Christmas in hopes of finding the perfect recipes to impress my sister-in-law for our big Friday party we're throwing ourselves.

I love House too. It's cute curb appeal, the subway tile backsplash in the kitchen, the oversized fireplace, the Chicago-esque hardwood floors and thick molding. Even the BLUE bathroom is starting to grow on me, its 1950s charm overshadowing its dated look. I have lots, lots more to show you with regard to house, but here are a few shots I snapped this morning (Matt and the girls are at Mass) - please excuse the mess.

Nothing like a few outdoor toys (hand-me-downs from their cousins, cleaned up to go in our basement) and 250 ballpit balls to make a basement appealing to a couple of energy-filled little girls.

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