13 January 2016


I have owned a house for three days now. That's right! We closed on our first-ever home on Monday! Yay! Here are some pictures I stole off my Realtor's Facebook page, because that's where we are in life right now.

I am incredibly overjoyed - the peace, security, and comfort I feel; I can barely keep it together for excitement of wanting to tuck my little brood in, all cozy and secure, to their new little home.

Taken in our apartment.

My sister- and brother-in-law (so, Matt's sister and her husband) watched the girls for us during closing, then we loaded up our bookshelves and as many books as we could fit and drove them over to our new house. We gave them a grand tour and celebrated over pizza. I want to move in, like, right this second, but we are going to try out a new moving method for us. Over the course of the next two weeks, I'll pack and move things over one car load at a time. Sometimes I'll have someone watch the girls at the apartment while I unload and unpack. Sometimes I'll take them with me. (I always take Theodore since I'm nursing him). This method has two big advantages: 1. Packing is easier. I don't have to pack as securely, or even tape the top of the boxes shut, since the boxes won't be stacked or loaded in a big truck with lousy shocks or handled roughly by an assembly line of people in the snow. 2. When we finally do move ourselves and the furniture, we will already be largely unpacked. I think it'll make the transition smoother for everyone.

The books, my friends, were intense. Four bookshelves (one of which had a double row of books on all five of its shelves) all packed up in boxes, bags, milk crates, and laundry baskets looks something like this:

It took four carloads to get the shelves and books all to the new house. Matt and I bought a fifth shelf to handle the overload. Our new living room looked like it was hosting a used book sale. I'm organizing the books as I re-shelved them, and heading out tonight after the girls go to bed to finish up. (Matt will stay home with them. Obviously.)

The sellers have been incredibly awesome to work with. It's almost like we were friendly acquaintances before we bought their house. They offered us first dibs on all the furniture they weren't planning to take with them, bought us a gift card for paint when their headboard damaged the paint job in the bedroom, and even left rolls of toilet paper in the bathrooms for us. They also left us their stash of firewood for the two fireplace, a page of notes on the house's quirks, and told us the story behind this incredible castle-like door they handmade. I took my camera out yesterday to snap some photos, but the battery died after just a few shots. One of the pieces we purchased from the homeowners were their dining room table. It seats eight (eight!) and included two matching barstools.

I'll take some more pictures this week for a much more exciting post this weekend. In the meantime, I have a cabinet of china that needs packing!

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Katy said...

Congrats! There really is no better feeling than having your very own place. Daunting, too, though- choices become more long-term! What a beautiful house! Send me your new address when you have a moment, please!