11 December 2015

We're Still Doing Great!

I have written at least three blog posts in my head this week, but whenever I sit down to type them up, someone needs something or is beating up someone or desperately needs help finding the (spill proof) cup of water they lost somewhere in their bedroom. Plus the spacebar on my keyboard is dying and so I really have to pound it between words.

Don't get me wrong, my life is going good. Really good. Heart-over-flowing, blissfully-happy, don't-rock-the-boat good. But even when things are really good, three kids takes time and energy. Even when everyone is on their best behavior, I'm still exhausted at the end of the day. And so while I would love to venture into some of the deeper (hopefully insightful) things I've been thinking lately, I'm going to have to settle for a few updates and a few pictures. Let everyone know we're still alive.

Theodore is doing really well. He's an amazing sleeper - as long as he's swaddled, he'll sleep anywhere and through anything. He's almost three weeks old and I still have to wake him up to nurse. He rarely cries and has not yet peed on anyone. When I look at him, I regret how much despair I felt over finding out I was pregnant. Being pregnant so soon was hard, but totally worth it.

Other than a two-week-long headache I can't seem to get over, I've been feeling great. So great, in fact, that I've overdone it and slipped out of alignment to the point of significant pain twice. My chiropractor said she can tell I still have quite a bit of relaxin in my ligaments and I'm going to keep slipping out of alignment if I don't slow down a bit. So I guess I should do less of this:

Note to self: three weeks ago today, you were still pregnant.

Okay, and now for the biggest update: Matt and I signed the mortgage paperwork on that house we like! So we came to an agreement on price, signed a contract, had inspections, agreed with the sellers on the repairs, and put in an application for a mortgage. The banker said our loan looked "beautiful" and we are conditionally approved. She doesn't foresee any problems; in fact, she said the only thing we could do to screw up this loan is for Matt to quit his job. We're looking at a January closing.

Well, that's all the blogging I have time for today. Hopefully this weekend I'll get some me time and get a few more thoughts typed up.

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