30 December 2015

Theodore's First Cold. And first ER visit.

Theodore is crazy sick, guys.

It started on the 19th with what I think was the croup. Then it morphed into something else. Something involving coughing/choking fits bad enough to leave his lips, eyelids, and fingers blue; and projectile vomiting several times a day, and about two times per day, it's bad enough to completely soak his sleeper and require a bath.

I wish having seen an infant through open-heart surgery, I was a pro at this sick kid stuff. But I'm not. So at 4:00 in the morning on December 26th, after a particularly bad night, I called the pediatrician, who, after hearing his cough over the phone, recommended the ER. He tested negatively for the flu, RSV, and whooping cough. The doctors thought he probably just has a viral cold, but his blood oxygenation level was some cause for concern. The nurse was sure we'd be admitted. The resident was sure we'd be sent home. After much discussion, the pediatric team sent us home. Apparently RSV is really bad this year and the risk of him catching it from someone in the hospital was greater than the risks of sending him home. So home we went, with a nose suctioning kit.

After a few more days, Theodore wasn't doing any better, so we scheduled an appointment with his pediatrician for tomorrow morning. But last night was pretty bad and this morning was just awful, so I placed a somewhat panicked call to the pediatrician's office again. The triage nurse thinks he's stable enough to wait until tomorrow's appointment.

I'm still panicking. My mommy instincts are sounding sirens and waving bright red flags around. Everyone keeps saying that since he's still producing enough wet diapers to prove a lack of hydration, has no fever, and is breathing fine in between coughing spells that he's okay for right now. He is weirdly normal in between fits. He'll nap in perfect silence for two to three hours spells.

Ugh. I can't wait until tomorrow's appointment. I just thought the poor baby had a rough first cold, but this has been going on for too long now. I have really grown to love my pediatrician and I am confident that she will not send us home without answers tomorrow. Please pray for my baby, guys.

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Diane said...

Poor wee thing. Sick babies are so scary. Praying . . .