27 December 2015

Cotton Muslin Swaddling Blanket Comparison

We are still blissfully enjoying Christmas over here. I'm not ready for reflection; the idea of sorting through memories and recording experiences seems too premature right now. Like it would end Christmas vacation before I'm ready for closure. But I really wanted to blog, so today I bring you a silly little post in which I compare three different brands of 100% muslin swaddling blankets.

All three brands are 100% cotton muslin, can go in the washer and dryer, are large in size, and promise to be very breatheable.

First up, we have Falls Creek Baby; purchased at Meijer, my local superstore. They come in packs of 2 for $12.99 (or $6.50 each) and are 40in x 40in.

Next up we have CuddleBug, which I purchased on Amazon for $33 for a 4 pack of 47in x 47in blankets. (Making them $8.25 each.)

Lastly, we have the heavy hitter. I was dying to try Aden + Anais, the king of the cotton muslin swaddling blanket market. They are wildly popular and many people claim they are worth the price, but I just couldn't stomach $50 for 4 blankets ($12.50 each.) I found a few discontinued styles on Amazon sold in singles for $16. Even though the per blanket price is higher, the overall price was lower, so Theodore found himself with one Aden + Anais for Christmas. These guys are 47in x 47in as well.

All seven blankets made up of three brands have been washed and used for swaddling, cleaning up spit up, and as nursing covers. I used the Falls Creek brand with Eleanor and Theodore, but the other two are new since Theodore. My conclusion? They are all pretty much the same.

The Falls Creek brand is the smallest and lightest weight, but only just barely. As I mentioned earlier, I used this brand with Eleanor and the blankets (both color and softness) held up well over time. Despite claiming to be the same size, Aden + Anais is bigger than CuddleBug, but not by much.

Falls Creek on top, then Cuddlebug, then Aden + Anais on the bottom.

Falls Creek offers the fewest designs, plus the two Meijer stores nearest me have been out of the boy blankets for two months now! (The yellow and gray ones we have are the gender neutral option.) Cuddlebug and Aden + Anais have lots of designs, although the colors and prints each company offers are remarkably similar to one another.

The Aden + Anais brand was slightly softer initially, but after a few uses and washes, they are all now equally soft. In order to test the blankets to be sure I wasn't biased, I sat on the floor blindfolded and felt each blanket one-by-one. I then repeated the experiment a second time. The blankets all felt almost identical, although when forced to make a decision, the same brand won both blind feels: Cuddlebug.

My ultimate conclusion is that all the blankets are - for all intents and purposes - identical.

I have discovered throughout my testing, though, that muslin swaddlers kick the pants off receiving blankets and having seven - one for each day of the week - is perfect. They are big enough to swaddle larger babies and use as nursing covers and much lighter in weight, which is good when swaddling a fleece-wearing baby. Which is perfect, because some winter babies only sleep when swaddled.

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