09 November 2015

The Last Hurrah

A few months ago I got a hair cut and, for once, I scheduled my next appointment in advance. I never do that because heaven only knows what my schedule will be looking like in 4-6 months, but I really wanted a fresh trim before the baby came, since heaven only knows what my schedule will be looking like in 4-6 months. Anyway, my stylist offered to do my hair free of charge with my next hair cut. "Make it a date night," she suggested. "Mama's gonna look HOT." That free hair style appointment was for Saturday, the day we picked for our final pre-baby date night.

My face, arms, hands, legs, and feet were all swollen. I was wearing one of the few outfits that still fits, my shoes were less "sexy/hot" and more "hey, my swollen feet are still comfortable in these," and we scrapped our dinner plans when we showed up at the restaurant to discover a one hour wait for the table, but my hair - my hair looked fabulous.

We bought an expansion set for our board game because we are board game nerds, we watched the new Matt Damon movie because we are Matt Damon nerds, and my constant need to go to the bathroom meant I was always up to get plenty of free popcorn and soda refills on our $10 splurge for movie theater popcorn and soda.

We are all over our colds enough that Abigail has finally returned to school, my house is totally spotless, and everything we need for baby has been washed or purchased and is neatly tucked away awaiting its new owner. I am to the point that "walking" has been removed from the list of things I enjoy doing. I have a new book (a Khaled Hosseini - my new favorite author) and few crochet projects to do. I am just tucked away in my cozy, little apartment wondering how many days are left in the countdown.

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