17 November 2015

Still Pregnant

I am still pregnant - 38 weeks and 5 days as of today. For the last few days, I have felt remarkably like I did in the days preceding Eleanor's birth and at least once every 5-10 minutes, I wonder if this morning will be the morning, then I wonder if this afternoon will be the afternoon, then I wonder if this evening will be the evening, then finally I wonder if tonight will be the night.

The baby is very, very low, I have been having gobs of contractions (some painful, some Braxton-Hicks), and I'm experiencing all the gut changes that happen before birth. Among other things. But, alas, I'm still pregnant. At my appointment last week, the baby was measuring exactly one week bigger. So I was 38 weeks and s/he was measuring at 39 weeks. My uterus was measuring in at 41 weeks.

I am so eager to have this baby! I am all done being hugely pregnant and beyond ready to zip baby up into all the adorable little newborn fleecey clothes. Abigail needs a baby to baby and Eleanor needs someone smaller than her to boss around. After the flurry of activity in October, sitting around waiting is rather frustrating. I made sure my schedule was completely clear these last few weeks, so each day I wake up - wondering if today will be the day - and find ways to kill the time. Today's docket includes painting my nails. I finished an afghan yesterday. I read another book. I've put all the girls' puzzles back together enough times that I think I could do with my eyes closed. I've sung "Wheels on the Bus" and "Five Little Ducks" a million and one times. I've broken up the "who gets to read the Little Golden Frozen book right this second" fight enough to last until the girls are teens.

I'm so ready!

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